Game Rules

Toro-league (the "Server," "we," "us" ) is a server service that provides the website (the "Site") and all Site-related services, including, without limitation, social networking, forum and server hosting (collectively, the "Service") solely for playing purposes. We are committed to implementing measure designed to maintain a high standard of role-playing ("RP"). Although we respect the various methods of RP, we have created a standard for all those who visit the Site and use the Service. These Game Rules govern your interaction with other characters while using the Service either on the Site or in the game, except as set forth within our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

Please note that the Server reviews these Game Rules from time to time, and that those practices are, therefore, subject to change. If we change a material aspect of these Game Rules, you will be notified by our posting the change on the Site and/or in updated Game Rules. Your continued use of the Service after any such changes signifies your acceptance thereof. We ask that you bookmark and periodically review this page to ensure continuing familiarity with the most current version of our Game Rules.

Warnings will generally be given prior to punishment in the event of a breach of rules; however, we reserve the right to punish immediately, without warning, and will do so in cases of severe infractions.

1. Roleplaying

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the RP standard of Toro League.

1.1 Language

To maintain a high degree of comprehension among our community, English is the main language of communication. While the Service, you agree to use full English sentences with appropriate grammatical structures to the best of your ability. This stands in in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) interactions while using the Service.

1.2 Beyond PG13

Since the server is rated PG13, we would like to limit the swearing on the server. The words 'hell, damn, bastard, and ass' are acceptable but will be frowned on by the staff. If you wish to use colorful language in your roleplay then we permit the use of asterisks( * ) or other forms of censoring. Also, to maintain to current rating of PG13, anything beyond that must be done off of the server. We are not responsible for anything that occurs off of it.

1.3 Trading.

If you choose to trade your Pixelmon or any item(s) with another player, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. Under no circumstances are we liable for any losses caused by your decision to trade with another player.

1.4 Initiating a Pixelmon battle.

When initiating a Pixelmon battle, you agree to challenge a player with adequate RP prior to the battle. You may determine a sum of in-game currency for the winner of the exchange but you understand that the Server is not liable for any loss connected to your transaction. You further acknowledge that if the RP is deemed inadequate (less than 5 minutes), a player may report your Account for failing to follow the RP standard. This may lead to the possibility of an Account suspension.

1.5 Time and Calendar.

To create an immersive and uniform RP atmosphere, the Server uses a fictional calendar, "Solrock Calendar." You are encouraged to use this calendar where possible.

1.6 Metagaming, Powergaming and Retcon

We do not allow the use of meta-gaming or power-gaming in our server or on the forums. God-modding, taking control of another player's character, is considered a form of power-gaming and is thusly against the rules. Extreme retcon is also not permitted. For example, if your character suddenly reveals that he/she had killed someone and has never hinted at it before or shown any signs of that traumatic experience, then you will be charged with retcon.

1.7 'Foreign' RP

Any rp that is done off server that results in significant impacts on Toro lore- history, current events, or past canon- and impacts characters other than your own, must be moderated by a GM. This does not extend to roleplay that will not impact other characters or significantly change or add to Toro lore. For example, if your character and their best friend go on vacation in Sinnoh and you and the other player RP this off of the server, it is acceptable and canon. If your character and their best friend go assassinate the leader of Sinnoh, or bring back an organized crime element from Sinnoh, it is not canon (unless the GMs approve it). Additionally under this, threats of action by non-canon actors are similarly off-limits. As such, not only can you not bring back goons from a foreign country without permission, you cannot threaten doing so, truthfully or falsely, as a player would need to meta in order to confirm the threat is false. This will be considered a form of powergaming. You may not under any circumstances use 'Foreign RP' to create a motivation for targeting a specific player character in Toro without their consent.

1.8 Permitted Roleplaying

Creating an account on the Toro League website does not grant permission for your character to join an ongoing roleplay on the Toro League Forums. In order to ensure quality RP throughout the Toro League forums, you are not permitted to join a roleplay on the forums prior to your server whitelist application being accepted. This rule is extended throughout all officially moderated Toro League Roleplays, including but not limited to the Toro League Minecraft server, the Toro League Forums, any official Toro League Skype Roleplaying Groups, or any other roleplay wherein an accepted Toro Game Moderator has jurisdiction. This does not extend to private roleplays involving Toro through media other than those listed above.

2. Player Characters

2.1 Character

To ensure that there is a high quality of RP, the number of characters is subject to the number of Minecraft account(s) owned. Each Account may have more than one Minecraft account registered. In order to add a new minecraft account to an existing account, see 2.5 New Character - New Account. We reserve the right to grant you, or to refuse you, entry on to the server if your application does not reach a certain RP standard and general RP comprehension. There are two exceptions to the one character per minecraft account rule. The first is the Child Clause. In the event that a character in Toro has or adopts a child as a direct result of RP occurring during their time within Toro, that child may be played on the same account as their parent until they are 16. If this RP occurs outside of Toro it must be approved by the Game Moderators. In cases of characters played under the Child Clause, the parent becomes the primary character on that account, while the child becomes the secondary character. The second exception is the Grandparent Clause. Given the same stipulations of the Child Clause, when a grandchild of a character becomes 16, they can inherit the grandparent character's minecraft account. Under this clause, the grandchild character becomes the primary character on the minecraft account, and the grandparent becomes the secondary character. Please ask a GM for clarification and/or migration.

2.2 Character death and harm

Similar to the Pokeverse where children may travel without fear of harm, Toro is intended to be a safe environment. As such, you may not kill another character, nor may you cause, intentionally or through preventable negligence, enduring physical and/or psychological harms to another character, without their informed, express consent, given entirely without coercion of any form.

2.3 Character Creation

While creating your character, you understand that because this is an alternate Pokeverse, the only race allowed are humans. If you create what is known as a Mary Sue, or a "perfect character", then you be asked to remake it.

2.4 Villainy

To ensure that the players do not take away from RP, Villainous deeds are restricted to accepted Villain Applications. These are granted to players who can offer dynamic RP that creates interesting conflicts within the world. You understand not to engage in deliberate antagonism of the type restricted to Villain Applications without having an accepted Villain Application. Minor criminal action, including breaking and entering, for example, is acceptable as a response to antagonism or otherwise as necessitated by circumstance, assuming it is not with antagonistic intent or result and is done with the informed, express consent of the party or parties it is impacting. We reserve the right to grant you, or to refuse your application, if your application does not reach a certain RP standard and general RP comprehension.

2.5 New Character - New Account

If you have already been whitelisted and wish to create a new character on a new account, post a new character profile detailing the new character in the appropriate subforum. Write your new username at the top of the profile. It is helpful to indicate that this is a new account that will need to be whitelisted. There is no need to create a new forums account for the new Minecraft account, please keep all of your minecraft accounts on the same forums account. Your new character profile will need to be accepted by a staff representative before playing the new character.

2.6 New Character - Replace Existing Character

In order to replace an existing character with a new one, the existing character can be rerolled. A player may only reroll an account once per month. In order to do this, submit a character profile for the new character with the existing minecraft account name at the top. Specify whether you would like a hard reroll or soft reroll of that account. If you choose a soft reroll, your previous character's inventory, Pixelmon, and money will be stored with the agreement that they are not used by the new character without approved IC justification. These rerolls are best for characters that you wish to play again at some time, such as a character leaving Toro. If you chose hard reroll, your playerdata, Pixelmon data, and essentials data for the rerolled account will be deleted from the server. This is a total reset of that account. It is best for characters that will never return, such as character death. Your new character profile will need to be accepted by a staff representative before the reroll is initiated.

3. Account

3.1. Account Suspension

If a player abuses the Game Rules and doesn't warrant an Account termination, may instead be given an Account suspension. The Account suspension is the temporary inability to access the Server and use of the Services, including, without limitation, the Forums. You understand that Account suspension only occurs when Game Rules are disregarded and Account termination is only considered when the Terms of Use are abused. We reserve the right to decide if suspension is necessary and the length of the Account suspension. You agree to honor that decision and further agree not supersede that decision by making an alternate Account.

3.2 Suspension Appeal

To ensure that the Suspension has achieved its purpose and you wish to continue using the Services and the Forum, you may apply for a suspension appeal after your suspension length has passed. You agree to write a sufficient apology to the Server or player where appropriate, by sending a form to the Helpdesk via the Site.

4. Building

4. 1 Structural support; Mines.

The environment and atmosphere in the server map is of great importance to the RP experience. You agree to use logical structural support in buildings where appropriate. You further agree that when mining, you will create logical mineshafts with a minimum of a 3x3 block tunnel with logical supports. For example, Minecraft generated mines use 4 fences and 3 wood planks.

4. 2 Wood-cutting; Stumps.

To preserve the environment of the server map, you agree to leave stumps (1 block of wood) untouched when collecting resources by a method of clear-cutting forests. You agree not to place saplings and replant except in designated areas within settlements.

4. 3 Tree Farms

To ensure there is a balance between gameplay and realistic expectations, you agree not to set aside an area for Minecraft renewable resources such as wood. You understand that trees must be placed sparcely in your settlement and no designated land for tree farms are to be placed.

5. Questions/comments.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Game Rules or the Service, please contact us through the Forum through a personal message or a new thread. For inquiries related to marketing, advertising, press, etc., please contact

6. Miscellaneous.

These Game Rules govern the RP experience while using the Site or Service. The failure of the Server to exercise or enforce any stated Game Rules shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. Any heading, caption or section title contained in this Agreement is inserted only as a matter of convenience and in no way defines or explains any section or provision hereof.


Last Updated: August 24, 2015