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FloopTroop's Helper App

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Preferred Name: Ali (I know everyone calls me Floop, that’s also ok)
MC Username: FloopTroop
Age: Rude question
Time Zone: PST
Number of hours available: somewhere around 14, 6 of those on the weekend, 8 split up through the week days.
How long you have been playing on Toro League: 9 years.

Why do you want to become a Helper?:
I have the skills, will, and inclination to help the server. I’ve done my best since my return, just as a player, to help as much as possible. I think it’d be better for me, and better for staff, if I continue to do that through the helper structure.

Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?:
When I was a younger man with more time, I participated in AT, LT, ET and I was involved in community management before CM became an official position.
I think my breadth of experience means I can handle the general role of helper fairly well!

What can you bring to this team?:
Beyond my past experience, I can offer an extroverted spirit, and clear, professional communication skills that can help facilitate interactions between staff and players, as well as internally between the team.

I also think my tendency to play characters involved with the RTMP and the other IC forces who oppose ET’s antagonists can give the ET a unique way to tailor events towards player RP outside of what they do at the events themselves.

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?:
Chocolate goes straight to my thighs.

In all seriousness, other than my penchant for ironic nonanswers, my problem on Toro has always been my tendency to take my ball and go home when I get upset about something.

But hey, you learn a lot in 9 years, and I think I’ve matured since my last walk out. I don’t think it’ll happen again.
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