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ThatAlex' LT App

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Preferred Name: Alex
MC Username: ThatAlex
Time Zone: GMT+2

Number of hours available:
Usually in the late afternoon/evening, but varies depending on how tough classes are.

How long you have been playing on Toro League:
Around 2-3 years. Ive had 2 breaks between playing so my active time is likely closer to 1.5 years

Why do you want to join Lore Team?:
Quite simply, because the Toro lore has become somewhat of a gold standard of pokemon lore to me. Its the only place ive seen where the world of pokemon actually makes sense. Add on top that i love writing worlds for things like D&D or just personal projects, and it results in a big soft spot for the toro-lore, which i would love to help develop.

Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: - If you have any examples of written up lore, especially done for Toro, please put that here!
I havent added anything to the lore of toro sadly. However i have written a good handful of D&D campaigns for friends, and while i dont like to share them, ive been developing two worlds over many years as my own personal projects, both of which sort of show my strong points when it comes to writing (fictional biology and the details of magic systems)

What can you bring to this team?:
While i dont have a formal education in it, im confident in saying that i have an above average knowledge of biology, and i love applying it to fantasy worlds, which is perfect for pokemon. I also just love getting really deep into certain lore-aspects and often use them as a jumping point for arcs and character development, which i hope to be able to translate into toro (e.g. using an aspect of the world we never developed to kickstart a new arc)

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?:
I often get a bit too deep into things. Especially with things like magic its important to know when to stop developing, since it will always boil down to "its impossible because its magic" in the end. To me that line can often be hard to find.

How well do you know our current Lore? :
While im not an expert, ive spent a few afternoons going through the forum just reading lore posts, or scrolling through lore-questions on discord. As such id say i know enough to, at the very least, not make mistakes during rp that need to be retconned.

-- How would you answer these questions?:
-" Can a Xatu really see the future and past? ":
No. Its ability to look into the past likely stems from folk tales and myths, since the Pokémon's demeanor and psychic abilities lend themselves to such stories. As a rule of thumb, dont take things the official pokedex says at face value.

-" What does Heal Pulse do on a trainer? ":
It will be able to heal smaller wounds and bruises, even things like broken bones. However using healing moves on humans is extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons. The body will simply heal as it currently is, so for example, a bone that was badly set may actually cause more harm if healed in this manner. They also cannot restore things like missing organs or limbs. Healing moves also increase the risk for cancer in humans significantly, and are thus only used in emergencies.

-" I'm just curious, but can Type: Null use the axe on it's helmet to chop a tree? ":
Type: Null does not exist on Toro currently. But if it did, it would likely not be able to use its head as such without causing brain damage from the concussions it would receive.

Anything else we need to know? :
Ive had an idea for a long time now to write up original pokedex entries for Toro, although this would obviously be a lot of work and require a big amount of IC research. Obviously the help of lore team would also be required, and i believe if i was part of the team for a few months and gathering experience during that time, i could actually give this idea a go without breaking established canon accidentaly, or having to ask for "corrections" with every entry.
Obviously this is just an idea for now, but it felt worth mentioning at the end here :3
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Re: ThatAlex' LT App

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Howdy, and thank you for applying! Your knowledge, and excitement in biology is always fun to see, and I've always enjoyed the fun facts! It was a tough decision as we only had a couple spots on Lore Team - since every member actually amplifies the work we have to do, and input we have to wait for, thanks to how we do it.

I've enjoyed your approach to the questions though, and I think they capture some of the spirit of how we try to answer things. I'm sorry we can't take you on at the moment though. I am excited about your Pokedex entries though, and we appreciate the help!! We don't mind helping at all, especially since it seems like a fun project. Goodluck, and thank you again for applying!
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