Meet the Lore Team!

Come here to read up on the Toro Universe's lore from player made regions to Pixelmon myths. Or help us out by writing some lore!

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Meet the Lore Team!

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Here at Toro-League, we try to create an actual interesting and cohesive universe. However, creating an entire universe is not very easy for one person. To help with this, the GMs put together a team of highly trained lore super soldiers tasked with handling the universe of Toro-League. Whenever you have a question as to what's going on in the world of Toro-League in terms of international affairs, what the effects are of a certain move, how a certain ability works in this world, or any other questions, these are the people to ask!

Howdy! I'm Vernon. I specialize in Pokemon related lore (as in the creatures themselves), but like to dip my hand in every little aspect just a little bit. I'll do my best to answer it. If you need to message me, add me at MirroredPanda#6969 on Discord. On the server, you can find me as any account with the prefix Mirrored!

Hey there! I'm Ben, and my specialty is developing reasonings and fleshing out explanations for all sorts of whacky nonsense as it comes to justifying Pokemon subjects. specialize particularly in science lore, especially related to physics, biology, and where and how those subjects intersect with previous lore and pixelmon, as well as religion and international affairs. I'm Chakurano#0001 on the Discord, and can be found on the server as any account starting with "Chak".

Hello, it's Kcband36! This is my mandatory lore team post. If I do not make one TDF will come to my house at night, I do not want that. Seeing how I am a GM you know how to contact me, Kcband36, RetardedRainbow, and Kcpunk36. I mostly work on small lore stuff though.

Hey! I'm Stow, and I enjoy working on lore relating to everything, but I love focusing on Pokemon (especially their unique abilities), and the Pokemon world (and all it comprises of). If you have any questions, I can be found on Discord at Stow#8888. On server, you can recognize me by the accounts stowaway8888, Abomastow, and BarackStowbama!

Yo! Azure here and I enjoy helping out on a buncha things. I am quite the Pokemaniac when it comes to information from the games and anime, and I want to do my best to provide smooth translations of all kinds of concepts from the greater scope of the Pokemon World into something that's appropriate for Toro! On discord, I'm AzureBurst#7940 and on Minecraft I'm known as AzureBluez, MoonBluez and BurstBluez! Shoot me a message if need be!
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