Everything you need to know about a Community Moderator!

Keep the community great, friendly, and amazing!
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Everything you need to know about a Community Moderator!

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What do Community Moderators do?
Like I would know.. Which I do know! Community Moderators are the people who make sure the community and public spaces are running smoothly. They help people who need assistance in the community, promote good times, help with any issues, and so much more! Community Moderators need to be pretty patient people in order to make Toro League's community a great place to be.

Community Moderator Qualifications
  • * Good Work Ethic!
    * A good attitude!
    * Be patient!
    * Willing to Learn!
    * Yada!
    * Yada!
Community Moderator Responsibilities
  • * Working as mediators and trying to resolve issues when there is conflict between members of Toro.
    * Speaking to people who break the rules or cause discomfort to other players.
    * Helping enforce rules or set boundaries on what’s acceptable as needed.
Please make a thread titled ____'s Community Moderator Application and fill out this application if you want to apply!

Community Moderator Application

Code: Select all

Preferred Name: 
MC Username: 
Time Zone: 
Number of hours available: 
How long you have been playing on Toro League: 

Why do you want to become a Community Moderator?: 
Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: 
Are you in any supervision positions within the server?: 

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: 
How confident are you in your ability to defuse tense situations?: 
What are some traits you have that will make you a good Community Moderator?: 

Anything else we need to know: 
Last thing! If I decide to add you to the team you will be put through a small test, this test helps me figure out how well you will be at helping people solve issues and if you know the ways on how to deal with them!
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