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You can apply to Ferrite Regional University and find Student Records here.

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Cody Tide's student application

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Full Name: Cody Tide
Desired Major: Firefighter studies
Prior Education: Graduated High School
Would you desire on campus housing (Y/N): No
((link to character's whitelist app / valid CP)): ... 616#p16616

(As a side note, my research tells me that firefighting school only takes up to about 18 weeks to complete. As far as I know this should still be done in the university but if there's any concerns please let me know)
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Re: Student Applications!

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Full Name: Allister Cypress
Desired Major: Doctorate in Medicine
Prior Education: BS Degree in Medcine
Would you desire on campus housing (Y/N): No
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Re: Student Applications!

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Upon returning to Toro on Autumn 15, 1141, the now young-man would send in a letter, written in full cursive to the admission's office. The envelope was sealed with a blue wax-seal, that seemed to resemble a sword.

Full Name: Ulysses Young
Desired Major: Doctorate in Pokemon Biology (Biology is a 5 year degree, even for Doctorate's to my knowledge), Minor in Pokemon Genetics (1 year)
Prior Education: Toro Private Academy, an Emmones Highschool, 1 year of an Emmones University
Would you desire on campus housing (Y/N): N
((link to character's whitelist app / valid CP)):
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Re: Student Applications!

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Full Name: Connor Ashwood
Desired Major: Film
Prior Education: Public High School Education
Would you desire on campus housing (Y/N): Yes
((link to character's whitelist app / valid CP)):
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Re: Student Applications!

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Full Name: Maddox Argentum
Desired Major: Business and Administration
Prior Education: Toro's Private Schooling
Would you desire on campus housing: N

Meant to place this in months ago so this is suitably backdated.
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Re: Student Applications!

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Full Name: Jade Jacqueline Ross
Desired Major: Music
Prior Education: Toro's Private Schooling
Would you desire on campus housing: N
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Re: Student Applications!

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Full Name: Jean-Luc Barnier
Desired Major: The best degree to become a veterinarian.
Prior Education: He followed a mandatory course in medicine before becoming a Medic Ranger. He has ten years or so in this job.
Would you desire on campus housing (Y/N): N
((link to character's whitelist app / valid CP)): ... ico#p16404
(There are a lot of terms from school, studies etc. that I'm not really familiar with, so I may have made or be making mistakes. )
A Noivern descends from the air and lands right in front of Ferrite University's facade. At he's back, a man descends, an envelope in his hand.

"Thanks for the lift, Zephyr." he says, giving the fur on his neck a few strokes with his brush. The Noivern purred in return.

Then Jean-Luc walked over to the mailbox and dropped the envelope inside. "With Necrosis almost gone, Aquarelle doesn't need me as much, so that should give me time to develop my career." Jean-Luc spoke when addressing the Noivern, but otherwise, he often talked to himself. "I can already hear myself being called: Professor Barnier."
Ok ok! I've found lots of information about the veterinary profession in France. So I'm comparing.

In summary, it will take 5 years for the common core and get the basics of veterinary studies. JL already has a certain amount of knowledge and practice thanks to the compulsory studies to become a Medical Ranger and the ten years of work with Toro's Pokémon Ranger, what JL wants is to develop his skills and career while obtaining a certificate enabling him to become an expert in his profession like Allister.

After 4 years of study, students work in hospitals with pets/Pokémon animals, breeding animals for example, and several internships in clinics, farms and so on. They say that a period of mobility abroad is compulsory. So JL could go to another country/region for up to a year?

And there's a 6th year for further study in a professional field and students will have to write a thesis (Oh my god, I've seen one that's 431 pages long!!) This final year is the icing on the cake where students will find job opportunities. Finally, the diploma sought is the DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) or DEV in France, even if the studies are not the same as in the USA. For simplicity's sake, I'm basing myself on what's available in France and Europe.
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