Golemwaffle's Helper Application

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Golemwaffle's Helper Application

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Preferred Name:

MC Username:


Time Zone:

Number of hours available:
5 hours a day from 12pm to 11am est most days. (or 6pm to 11pm gmt+1)

How long you have been playing on Toro League:
Sat Jun 26, 2021

Why do you want to become a Helper?:
I'm eager to become a Helper because I wanne generaly, and helping the communitie out. id love to help out as one of the few active european player on the server.

What can you bring to this team?:
I want to take away some of the burdens from the non-helper team members who might be tasked with taking time out of their own schedules to do more mundane tasks, like handling quick move relearn tickets. Since I am online most of the time, why not add those tasks to my responsibilities as well?

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?:
me being in the GMT+1 timezone can be weakness to since I cant often help the player on the otherside of my timezone. Ive got a good understanding of what the rules are on what we cant and can do. aswell as knowledge over the commands that are being used to help out players.

Anything else we need to know:
Iam very good at breakdancing. it will help the team I promise. EVEN in helper.
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Re: Golemwaffle's Helper Application

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This application has been accepted, welcome to tbe team!
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