Wowdrive's Appeal

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Wowdrive's Appeal

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Hello Toro League, I wanted to appeal, now that I taken about a 6 month break off the server, and got some therapy and counselling during my freshmen year of college. I was wondering how I would go about appealing.

I tried to look on the forums, but my account was banned, so it was hard to do so. So I made another one.

I wasn't trying to do ban evasion or anything like that, I just wanted to make sure my message was out there.

I'll take the blame for posting it here, but I literally didn't know where to go (I used the search bar), since I 'm not in contact with anyone on discord. But I'll leave my tag here so that someone can reach out if they consider giving me another chance.

It would mean a lot, honest, if you would try to at-least talk to me. I know I can be difficult, at times, but I really do care and just want friends.


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Re: Wowdrive's Appeal

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Hello! I understand you needed a way to reach out, and I won't consider this a case of ban evasion.

I will contact you on Discord to talk about to move forward with the ban appeal process, and I will move this to the archive in the meantime!

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