The Pokémon Research & Rehabilitation Center

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The Pokémon Research & Rehabilitation Center

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What is the PRRC?
The Pokémon Research & Rehabilitation Center (PRRC) is a an organization dedicated to studying the odd creatures we share our world with, as well as providing care to the ones that need it. In addition it also aims to educate the public about Pokemon! This is to reduce mistakes folk make by spreading proper ways to handle both wild and Trainer-owner Pokemon, as well as help inspire a love for Pokemon in more people.

New Trainer Program
The PRRC is a proud participant in the New Trainer Program! We supply the perfect Starter Pokémon for aspiring new Pokémon Trainers to various qualifying agencies across the Toro Region. Ethically-raised and handled with the utmost care and attention, Starter Pokémon make for a wonderfully bright-eyed companion to bond with over the course of your Pokémon journey! If you wish to adopt a Starter Pokémon, use the Bulletin Board thread on Discord to initiate arrangements for a visit.

Pokémon Care & Rescue
The PRRC regularly cooperates with other agencies such as the Ranger Union to retrieve and care for wild Pokémon that have been injured or adversely affected by environmental hazards or human interference. These Pokémon are nurtured back to health, at which point they are returned to their native habitats, or put up for adoption if they are unsuitable for release. If you wish to adopt one of the Pokémon in our care, or have any concerns regarding a Pokémon in need of care, please reach out to us!

Project Funding
The PRRC is providing grants, resources, and other sorts of support for projects related to Pokemon! If you have any ideas for research projects, or anything else where you may need additional help, feel free to stop by!

Database Contributions
We always want to expand our library of knowledge in any way possible! If there is any information, experiences, or other things you think would be beneficial to share, please stop by! We will provide compensation for contributions, even if it is independent of any projects, and no matter your level of education.

Jobs Available
The PRRC is currently hiring Pokémon Caretakers to look after Pokémon under the PRRC's care, and Public Outreach Associates to organize events and the sharing of information with members of the public. If these jobs are of interest to you, then you can find our job applications here!

Meeting Form
Please submit the following and we'll get back to you to set up a meeting when possible!

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