A letter to Adamas' Elder

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A letter to Adamas' Elder

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[A letter is sent into the Adamas Town Hall! Only the people that work there ICly can read this. The handwriting is impeccable and tidy, written on Thanks Mail!]

Dear Elder Momoka, or whomever it may concern,

Before the unfortunate destruction brought upon our town by that massive Crustle there was an arena built upon our beach by our former gym leader Felix Young. I'm aware Adamas has a fair share of arenas dotted around for Pokemon and human battles alike. Still, this particular arena was put into use greatly by the citizens of Dratini Way, as well as anyone looking for a more private experience away from Adamas' most popular attractions. We greatly enjoyed having this spot to battle and socialize at so close to our homes! Even after the renovations, It would be a more timely trip down to the beach rather than going up multiple inclines and elevators to reach the Dojo's summit. The arena itself isn't very grand or elaborate, just a humble thing and we would be more than glad to pitch in and help with the re-construction ourselves if you considered allowing it.

Signed, The citizens of Dratini Way

Rina Dearea
Wren Dearea
Orion Centos

May Arceus' light bless your day.

[Each signature is signed by a different person. With the handwriting of the letter itself most closely resembling Rina's. The envelope includes a Polaroid photo of the old arena with the date Spring 10th, 1129 written under it.]

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