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O'Hare's Application (OneCrusadingFish)

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Minecraft Name: OneCrusadingFish
Character Name: Dixon O'Hare
Nicknames: O'Hare, Mr. O'Hare, Boss
Age: 46
Birthday: 13th of Autumn
Gender: Male
Status: Alive

Height: 185cm (6'1ft)
Weight: 205lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Balding but Faded and a Goatee beard (Ashen Brown)
Skin: White
Health Issues: Slight limp in his left leg (obtained it after going down the wrong alleyway in Castelia on night after a long day of issues at the business he was working at, encountered a couple thugs who beat him up and hit his leg with a metal bat. He didn't report it or go to a hospital about it because that would "show weakness and lose investors" if he admitted to being beat up).
Key Inventory items: Mahogany wood cane with a steel cap and Mamoswine Ivory handle, A tossing coin that looks like a meowth's coin (it's a fake; but it's hard to tell).
Description: O'Hare dresses often in a white/cream tailored to fit blazer/suit jacket with beautiful tiger eye brown buttons going down down it and a mock Floette flower (Blue) pinned to it. Beneath he wears a white shirt with long sleeves with high collar and black shoulder straps to keep the shirt well fitted. Upon his head he wears a cream Herring (Wide Brim) Fedora with a black ribbon belted around it and a Galarian Farfetch'd feather tucked into it. He wears a set of white/cream flared suit trousers and a pair of polished nut brown suit shoes. He is tall; but has a gut that is kept in as much as possible by a tailored fine belt made of Paldean Tauros leather with a rose gold buckle on the front.

Life Style
Religion: N/A
Profession(s): Investor, Businessman, Charismatic Speaker, Developer, Land Clearer/Builder
Title(s): N/A

Parents: Cathrin O'Hare (Mother), Ciaran O'Hare (Father)
Siblings: 4 Brothers, 2 Sisters
Children: N/A
Extended Family: N/A
History: "Where do I start...well I guess I'll treat y'all to what I was like as a kid haha! You can probably guess growing up with 6 other siblings weren' easy at all, no it weren'...I was the middle child, the balance, the hump you could call it of me an' my siblings, that's right! I got 3 older than me and 3 younger, imagin' that now! Mean' I got away with a lot more...but at the same time I needed to do more to stick out, earn my place at the table as were...so that's what I did. Reached the grand age of 17, asked mah pa for some money, we were fairly well off, and took mahself over to the big city, Castelia! I knew mah way around money from takin' business and similar studies at school...issue is mah brothers had done the same thing, so when I got the Castelia, it was like stepping into a field of Forretress, never knew what they had and didn', so yer gain insider knowledge and buy before they buy...yeah it's scummy by so is business! Anyway...that got me some good cold wealth flowing in and kept me going for 20 odd years...I forgot the exact amount hah! But then they banded together...were sick of me knowing their every move...began buying my successes for more than I was paying, 3 versus 1, what was I supposed to do...well...I allegedly was the reason for a fire at one of their major businesses...I don't do it though, I was visiting one of our sisters; but oh no, Dixon's burnt property! They said they wouldn't report it if I did one thing...left Unova for elsewhere...find by me, I can get business in this so called elsewhere...and that's how I made it to Toro, so. How can good ol' O'Hare help ya?"

Personality: O'Hare comes across as genuine, a jolly and friendly man who you could easily sit down and have a drink with and that's what he wants really. He's happy and friendly to those who he genuinely enjoys the company of, however, he's also the same with people who he sees business potential in and will listen intently to people who suggest "good business strategies" to him and even if he knows they're terrible he'll give good; but honest opinions on the matter. He's also willing to give anyone a try and doesn't care who or what you are, as long as you can do a job you're worth his time often making him come across as free spirited and carefree, yet this is what he wants people to believe. He is weirdly good at keeping his calm for someone who's so hot headed charismatically, yet when he needs to be, often done in the shadows, he can be cruel and unforgiving, he doesn't believe in mercy or compassion if he's been let down by someone. He lives a very two faced life.(150 word minimum)
Strengths: Charismatic, can rally people to his cause that he wants to rally people to and can often pick out someone who shows potential just by watching how they act and talk.
Weaknesses: If someone overhears or oversees his darker bullish side when he's using it on someone else or in his own time this is one of the times when they'll see his fear of being no more than a thug causing him to begin stuttering and getting incredibly angry.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Ambitions: "Business is business in, Toro no? Guess someone needs to take business by the reigns and well stratify and monopolise it!"

Species: Murkrow
Nickname: "Murray"
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
History: O'Hare met Murray down one of the back alleyways of Castelia City pretty beaten up and bruised from being cast out by a flock so decided to take care and nurture Murray to full health again, originally as publicity stunt to get more funding for his businesses and more investors; but came to enjoy the company this little Murkrow brought him so kept Murray around as his own.

Artwork: ImageImage
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