Application to join the server.

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Application to join the server.

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-Player Questions-
Minecraft Username:muri1999
Discord Username: murilito
Pronouns (optional):he/him
Where did you hear about us: A friend of mine introduced me to it, idk what name she uses in-game but her name is Natasha. Discord name is NatSara.

Tell us a little about yourself: Im just a dude in Brasil who’s obsessed with pokemon and really wanted to get into another pixelmon server, used to have a private one with friends but they got bored and it was discontinued, meanwhile i still wanted to do a lot of things in it so yeah, here we are, granted i know its an rp server so it is not the same thing, but from the premise i feel like it is LEAGUES better than normal servers where everything is so optimized and streamlined that it stops being fun you know. “Hi welcome to X pokemon server, here’s your starter, here’s where you can give us money, and here’s where you can make all of your pokemon level 100 and start grinding for 15 hours straight’’ Like yeah sure i see the appeal of it but i also think it just ruins the process, pokemon should be primarily a journey and THEN a competitive game. While i’ve never been a part of an actual dedicated roleplay server, i have my fair share of experiences with Dnd and roleplay campaigns in general, it may not be the same thing but, hey i'm a fast learner, im sure i can get used to it. Im a bit timid (god i hate that word) when it comes to talking to strangers but i’d say that wears off quickly once i get to meet people. Also im sure i can talk about this at some point, but my god it is REALLY hard to find minecraft skins without any hair, like its all either ‘’steve but bald’’ , Walter white and F-ING ANDREW TATE. So yeah, only one i found that fits me looks like a 40 year old lumberjack. Well at least its better than Mr.White or the romanian prison dude. Anyways, rambles apart, im a video editor and was diagnosed with ADHD at 6 years old. Thats most of it i think… ALSO i don't care what nintendo says, Arceus it's pronounced AR-SEE-UHS and not AR-KEY-UHS.

-Roleplay Questions-

What is meta-gaming?: In DND is when someone brakes character just to “get around” certain moments in the game, like “Oh this is an undead so my healing magic deals damage to them” meanwhile all other characters are like “... what are you talking about”. In THIS case i’d guess metagaming would be something like “Oh my charmander has a negative Speed iv so it SUCKS” and other players would be like “What's an IV?”

What is power-gaming / god-modding?: Not letting others get their turn. Interrupting someone while they are ‘’acting’’ their part, saying what other people do without their input. Etc Etc “ I defeated you and now you own me one of your pokemon”

What is retroactive continuity? (retcon): Last minute lore changes for the sake of... whatever the person feels like, if your character’s sheet says you were born a peasant scraping for food, you cant just DECIDE to change that out of nowhere and make yourself the supreme demigod of awesomeness out of nowhere.

What is Character Bleed, and how can you prevent it? : To put it simply, you are not your character, it is one thing to insert yourself in a fantasy world and just act things out as YOU would in that situation, it is another entirely to be so immersed in a roleplay that aspects of it ‘’bleed’’ into your own life. Not cool, not healthy, none of us are pokemon masters, we’re adults playing a funny block game because its really really fun.

Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server?: I just realized I could have added the DND part in my bio here. Oh well, no, I have never been a part of any roleplay servers.

-General Character Questions-
[There is a 80+ word minimum for the appearance, 150+ word minimum for biography, and 150+ word minimum for personality. But feel free to do more! Your first character must come from a region that isn't Toro, you must include your character's home town.]
Full name: Murillo. But most call me Muri for short.
Age: 25

Appearance: Short-Burly build, clean shaven head and short beard, Brown eyes and dark brown hair… hair as in beard because again, bald. (How creative i know). Slightly tan skin, has a small scar on its forehead from when my mom’s stoutland jumped on top of me when I was little. Always wearing a combination of : Beach hat, white t-shirt, an open social shirt on top of it(yellow), white shorts and orange sandals. For colder climates the whole look changes to a leather jacket, a dark pair of jeans, social shoes, and a brown wool hat. (But considering the only skin i found doesnt match that, the fit is basically, blue jeans,white shoes and a green shirt…)

Personality: Optimistic and friendly, quite until gets him talking about something e’s passionate about. Likes to believe there’s good in everyone and that the world would be a better place if people just communicated things properly with one another. Will 100% beat the ever living sh**T out you if finds out you mistreated your pokemon intentionally. Likes battling but gets easily worried for his pokemon and often goes to the nearest pokecenter just to make sure his friends are safe. Believes that pokemon like eevee and any others who are known for having multiple evolutions should be given the choice to which one they want to evolve before doing so. Like can you imagine your friend just coming up to you, touching you with a weird looking rock and suddenly you look completely different from what you did before? Give the poor things a chance you know. Has a complicated relationship with bug types, where he thinks they look really cool but really gross at the same time. In fact any pokemon known for its ''viscous” nature, (like Muk, sliggo, gulpin etc)are really gross to him, that being said he does not hold any type of grudge against them. Favorite types are Grass,Ground,Rock and Ice.

Biography: Muri was born in the Unova region and lived in Nacrene City his whole life, alongside his mom and dad, his actual name was Murillo, but while he did like his name, he hated how people pronnounced it (besides his parents) so he shortened it to Muri when introducing himself to others most of the time. Growing up was relatively normal for him; when he was little, he used to go to the nearby marsh during the rainy seasons to see the newborn Tympoles play in the mud. He and his friends would count how long they could do that before the parents noticed and started running after them. Seismitoads are surprisingly fast for Pokemon their size, especially when it rains. Lucky for them, no one ever got hurt in the process. At least not by the Pokemon themselves. It turns out most people's parents would rather not have to deal with the stress of almost having their kids killed by an extremely angry 4'11' frog. While the Marshy area was technically also considered a part of Pinwheel Forest, most kids did not dare enter the forest unless they already had a partner Pokemon of their own. The trees were so densely packed that it was almost like going from day to night, and the presence of aggressive poison types made it so anyone unprepared needed to get rushed to the Pokemon Center not long after entering. That, of course, never stopped Muri from sneaking in every so often to look for the mystical pokemon Virizion, who was said to protect the forest and its pokemon. Of course, he never found anything, but who can blame a kid for trying? As for his parents, his mom worked at the local pokemon center; she dealt with more extreme cases, like people who were attacked by wild pokemon or the aftermath of battles that were, to say the least, really one-sided. While Muri was mostly never present to see these cases, his mother's accounts on them made him a tad overzealous when it came to pokemon battles, even if he didn't have any pokemon at the time.

His dad, on the other hand, worked in the Nacrene Musium, specifically in the restoration process of fossil Pokemon. Muri always thought the entire process was really weird, like, how can you just recreate an entire living being from Arceus knows how long ago, using nothing but the fossil remains of it? His dad's response was always a variation of ''it just works''. He stopped asking after the tenth time. His teenage years were fairly boring, to be fair. Besides school, Muri struggled with finding a path to follow. Many of his friends talked about becoming pokemon trainers and champions; some wanted to become pokemon rangers; and ever so often, you'd find someone aspiring to become a pokemon professor. This indecision carried over to his adult life, in which he decided to help his mother out in the pokemon center, mostly simple things like working at the front desk and restocking the supplies sold near the entrance, like potions, wild pokemon repelents, etc. It was only until one friend of his asked if he ever thought of moving out of the city that Muri had an epiphany of sorts; he had seen everything he could in that city, and while Unova itself was pretty big, he decided it would be much more interesting to travel to another region entirely, bags in hand and feet on unknown ground. and his goal: to finally fulfill his childhood dream, he would meet and properly document a legendary Pokemon! Somehow, he actually had no idea how to do so, but he figured just wandering around the forest again wouldn't really get him anywhere, so that was a good excuse. He had in mind, although, that even if for some twisted reason he acquired the means to capture said legendary pokemon, he wouldn't do so on the grounds that such pokemon deserve a form of respect unbefitting of being kept inside a pokeball, much less by some random trainer they just met.

No, he wanted to understand such pokemon, to know their behaviors, and hopefully not get blasted off into outer space while doing so. As for where exactly his journey would start, surprisingly enough, that decision was made quite quickly, as Muri had recently heard of the Toro region from one of his old colleagues, and since that happened right after he had made the decision to travel, it felt as if destiny was speaking to him in a way. With that in mind, Muri saved up money to travel to the Toro region, just enough to get him a place to stay temporarily, or at the very least not starve in the process of doing so. A few days before his trip was due, his parents approached him and revealed they had decided to give him a parting gift: a single pokemon egg of unknown species. His mother said a townsperson had dropped it off at the Pokemon Center, saying they had found the egg abandoned while going through Route 3. His mother said they could verify the egg was healthy, but not the origins of it or what species it belonged to. However, she said that based on how frequently it was moving, it should hatch by the time Muri reached the Toro region. Muri never had a partner pokemon up until this point; the closest thing was his parents, Stoutland, and as far as his memories go, he wasn't the most friendly pokemon he had ever met. At least not with anyone but his parents, so he gladly accepted the egg from them. Days later, after heartfelt goodbyes and him totally not balling his eyes out while waving adieu to his parents, Muri went on to the Toro region.

Flaws: Gets lost easily, hard time focusing on things. Indecisive.
Ambitions:Find my own path in life in the toro region.

Starter Pokemon: (As for my starter. I imagine i have to pick one from the start for simple gameplay reasons, but i had an idea where my in canon father would have gifted me a pokemon egg of unspecified species and just told me to take it with me, in this scenario i think it would be fun if you guys picked whatever you wanted to be born out of said egg, as i really don't mind what starter i get and i think it would be really cool for roleplaying, still if that's not a possibility, i would like for an Amaura. Preferably female as i always named mine “Aurora” in the main games [but that's not an obligatory requirement tbh] i can justify having a fossil pokemon from another region by saying my dad gave it me as a birthday gift when i turned twelve, but never bothered reviving it up until i went on my journey.

Skin: Im having trouble adding an image of it here, if there's anyway i can sent it via discord or other means that would be great.

-Open Response Questions-
-Write in third person!-
[Choose two of the scenarios and write a 150+ word response for each. You only need to do 2 out of 3. Responses must be written in third person and formatted like RP instead of a description. Like: ' Steve focuses on the girl with a gasp and asks, " How can I help? " ' other than ' Steve would answer the call to help the cat! Feel free to make responses for the NPC in order to meet this requirement.]

After arriving in Toro a cheerful woman walks up to you, a clipboard in her hand. “Hello and welcome to Toro! I would like to ask where you came from and why you came, as well as where you plan to go. All for for statistical reasons of course.” she asked with a bright smile as she held a pen to her clipboard. How does your character respond?
he responds “Oh, sure, uh, name’s Murillo, Muri for short, i’m from Nacrene city in the Unova region! As for why am i here. well I know it sounds silly but im kinda in a journey of sorts, i spent my whole life at my hometown and now i decided to travel around a bit, you know, experience things from different perspectives and all. This one friend of mine told about the Toro region and it just felt like a sign, so i packed my bags *looks at my single, worn out backpack* …Bag, and decided to start my journey here!”
*The woman responds* “Haha well thats a bit of a vague reason to come to a completely different country dont you think?”
*Muri replies* “Well, YES, sure, i agree, but its not like im abandoning my family and friends and all, and who knows, if i end fiding my passion while im here, i just might make the Toro region my new home! That or i’ll just go back to Unova and work at the Nacrene Museum , they claim to have the remains of an ANCIENT DRAGON POKEMON, but its really just a paper mache skeleton of a Dragonite… this had nothing to do with the topic at hand right? ANYWAY, do you know where i can find a hotel?”

You are walking along the road when your eyes lock onto a trainer's in the distance. At that moment, you both freeze in place. You see a glimmer in the trainer's eyes as he reaches for his Pokeball. "Go, Rattata! Show this chump what we've been training for!" the trainer shouts as he swiftly releases his chosen partner in the vacant space that separates the two of you. How does your character respond?
(I pull my GUN- just kidding, please dont consider this in the answer)

*Muri responds* WHOA THERE Kid, what the heck?

*The youngster is startled by my reaction and asks* What dude? Are you dumb or something? I'm challenging you to a pokemon battle!

*Muri responds* Well i can tell that, by your awfully friendly demeanor and all! But you cant just WALK UP to a person and just tell them that.

*The youngster replies* Of course i can! When two trainers lock eyes it is just common practice for them to engage in violent, unannounced, horrific combat!Now get your pokemon out!

*Muri , still in shock from the sheer audacity on this dude’s attitude, responds* UUUh no? Why would i do that? Also is your Rattata even ok dude its… Green and, arent they usually purple?

*The youngster proudly puffs his chest and says* He’s a special kinda of rattata! He’s a shiny duh! You’ve never seen a shiny pokemon before?’’

*Muri responds* I have, in fact i’ve seen shiny rattata before, they are … quite frankly piss yellow, this one is GREEN, like green green… and he’s also vibrating… i dont think they’re supposed to vibrate… AND WAIT, you’ve been battling every trainer you meet here? When was the last time you two went to a pokemon center?

*The youngster, once again, in a tone of disdain says* HUH, Of course a weakling like you would say that, i dont need a pokemon center, i heal my partner with my trusty berry oils that my mom makes! Pokemon centers are just an excuse for the government to increase our taxes! Haven't you seen how much it costs to buy a bottle of water these days!

*Muri opens his mouth to speak, but words elude him for a moment, he recomposes himself and ask* … How… How OLD are you?

*The youngster? replies* 36 why?

*Muri runs in the opposite direction*
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Re: Application to join the server.

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Welcome! Thank you for the changes! // The skin was shown on discord by the way!
When you get online, you can notify a staff with a starter of your choice, with whatever specifications you could want! Custom Size / Nature / Gender / Non-HA Ability ( if you want one of these, you're best with asking around )
I'll also let you know, since it's easy to miss but! We do level the playing field a little bit and provide Max IVs / near Max IVs for Hidden Powers - though people still need to breed if they want specific stats ( like 0 atk ) and for the rest :3 ! There's a NPC to do that in our Battle Tower!

But outside of all that WELCOME! The IP is and
You can find links to the Technic Pack or individual mod links in the #rules-and-resources channel of discord, along with most important info! You can always ask if you have any questions or concerns.
^^ I recommend giving the New Player Guide a read~

Note: This player informed us that she is over the age limit in Discord! She simply does not wish to share their age in public for privacy reasons.

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