Toron's Trainer Application

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Toron's Trainer Application

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Preferred Name: Toron
MC Username: Torron4464
Age: 30
Time Zone: EST
Number of hours available: 1-4 a day
How long you have been playing on Toro League: 5 months

Why do you want to become a Trainer?: My overall goal is to eventually become a CR. I am very good at communicating and finding common ground when it comes to disputes. Another reason is to give back to the community that's been very good to me.

Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: Yes, Server admin for a pathfinder RP server. I also have a lot of experience with training and teaching as it's been my job in real life.

What can you bring to this team?: I can bring excellent communication skills and a bunch of professional experience when it comes to training and explaining to newer players to make sure they have a successful start.

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: Disrespect is a big thing that gets to me and quite quickly. I do not handle being disrespected well but I know when I am getting heated and when I need to back off and pass it on to someone with a cooler head or wait until I have cooled down before continuing.

Anything else we need to know: N/A
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Re: Toron's Trainer Application

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This application has been accepted, glad to have you on as a Trainer!
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