★ Kibo Ball 2024 | Jan, 27th | Rules! ★

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★ Kibo Ball 2024 | Jan, 27th | Rules! ★

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by missypena
We invite you all out to the Duodecennial Kibo Comet Ball! It's when Kibo's Comet is closest to us, and so we can witness it and celebrate. It is Toro tradition to tell your wish to Kibo during this viewing time, and hope they grant it over the year- or to give you motivation to complete it on your own!

There are food, drinks, music, entertainment and fancy dress! Although formal wear is not required to get in, it is encouraged to treat yourself and come in something nice. There is no specific colors or themes to follow though, just treat yourself!
Each celebration we have a Multi-battle tournament! It is not exclusive to couples, and if you don't have a partner, may destiny bring you to making a new friend through a random partner selection!
★The Rules★
  • - 2 Trainers -- But because this is on showdowns, please pick 1 person to control things, as you both coordinate!
    - 3 Pokemon each!
    - Held Items are OKAY
    - No Bag Item Usage
    - We encourage you come with fully trained Pokemon! But we will raise levels to 100!
    - Z Crystals & Mega Evolution are banned
    - No: Toroans / Mythical / Paramon -- sorry, we'll be on Showdown!
We will be running this on Pokemon Showdown, to reduce any technical issues! Sorry if this interrupts your teams, the tournament isn't the main focus of this event, so I don't want to divert too much time into it! The ball is the focus of the event ;; But if you really want more double battles feel free to reach out to us!

You can access Doubles in Showdown through National Dex -> National Dex Doubles:
In addition we will be having a dancing contest! This will be a mix of dancing to different genres, and seeing how one adapts- along with a free dance at the end! So get your dance shoes on~
There's no rules, other than keep it safe and fun! Feel free to dance with your Pokemon, Other People, or multiple other people!

Janurary 27th, 2024 - 6:00pm EST ( but come later if you'd like ) - Aurelia Gym
We hope to start the tournament after 45 mins or so after! // We will be running people in the brackets at the same time, to try and let people get back to cute RP after!

Then 15-20 minutes after the tournament, the Dancing Contest!
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