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Re: Pokemon Ranger Report Archive

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04 Summer 1134

We were at the Harvest Festival, and the potato had just been dug up without much issue other then some pokémon trying to eat it, which were easily moved away from it. After this, the group was all sititing around a bonfire, until a number of bird pokémon flew up from the forest, flying up into the air on my Togekiss, I saw smoke to the south. Not long after there was a loud noise, and a strange man saying it a Heatran was attracted to his stone. Holly and I headed to the south while Allister helped to evacuate children and pokémon from the festival grounds.

In a clearing through the forest we did indeed see a Heatran, quickly approaching. My Vaporeon's water attack seemed to have a reduced effect on it directly. The strange man showed the ability to use attacks, and started moving around towards the clearing's route to the ocean, the Heatran followed him, wanting the Magma Stone he had. While he moved, the Heatran attacked, and the man showed the capabilty to use Protect, seemingly, which stopped him from being severely harmed by the Heatran's attacks. while that was happening, we were handling putting out fires the attacks started.

Eventually, we reached the beach, and the man lead Heatran towards the sea, eventually flying off on a pokémon, and the Heatran burrowed underground.

To add info on this man, in addition to being able to use moves, he had a glove with some small meteorites in it. He wore sunglasses and a suit, and as said before, had a glowing stone, apprantly a Magma Stone.

The Heatran's attacks left several burnt patches of grass in the clearing, as well as some sand melted into glass shards. Some trees were also felled when the man reflected a Flash Cannon attack from the Heatran.

- Senior Ranger Annemarie Grayson
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Re: Pokemon Ranger Report Archive

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08 Summer 1134

I responded to reports of an aggressive red Pokemon headed into the nearby swamp broadcasted on Tyrian radio. I approached from the south on Unfezant, forcing an emergency landing as I came upon the scene. The suit wearing man (who I will be referring to as Suit for the remainder of this report) was doing battle with Heatran again. Instead of using moves himself, this time he relied upon the aid of a Rhyperior, Kommo-o, and Garchomp.

I did my best to combat the fires with Brionne and assist Suit in his fight with Cottonee, prioritizing preventing damage from spreading. Shortly after I arrived on the scene I was joined by Senior Ranger Tommy Wildrek, who proved invaluable in containing the fires with his Milotic. With a combined effort Suit and Tommy were able to push Heatran to its limit, causing it to use explode in response. The resulting blast put out all of the fires, blinding and deafening myself and presumably the others for a time. Heatran did not seem injured after the fact, getting back on its feet after a few minutes of rest post-explosion.

Senior Ranger Annemarie joined us at this time. A capture of the Heatran was attempted and failed, the body heat of the Pokemon melting the Ultraball and burning Tommy's hand. Suit claimed he was under contract to keep the stone Heatran was after, and claimed he was under NDA when asked who he had taken up the contract with. Suit also claimed he had spoken with the RTMP and told them everything he could. Suit then left for Garnet Island via Teleport, according to Annemarie.

~ Ranger Holly Evergreen
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Cobalt-Ferrite Lightning Rod Investigation

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16 Summer 1134

We were checking out the lightning rod near Cobalt and Ferrite. On arrival, we saw a hooded figure nearby, and tried to appease it by offering cell batteries. This worked, and the figure seemed appeased by that. It was about to touch the lightning rod, when a flash interupted it. It seems the power was drained from the lightning rod by something else.

A Mega Manetric then showed up, but with no trainer in sight. The Manetric burnt off the figure's cloak, revealing it as one of the plasma (as the PRRC refereed to it as) feline pokémon from before. We helped the feline to fight the Manetric, which proved quite challenging, with the Manetric running briefly at the start of the fight. During the fight a discharge attack injured the three of us, which we went to the hospital for.

After some fighting, the Manetric fled. We then helped the feline by offering it berries, which it ate and recovered its strength. It then pulled a Key Stone from the lightning rod, which it dropped, before leaving. Holly gave it a thumbs up as it left, and it responded with a rude gesture.

Senior Ranger Annemarie Grayson
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Re: Pokemon Ranger Report Archive

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27 Summer, 1134

In response to the RTMP call for Ranger assistance in searching south Toro for Emmie Von Joy I ventured south to the Galena outpost to link up with other potential members of the search party. Upon arrival, I encountered Ranger Jean-Luc, who was waking up officer Caleb Tanner. Officer Tanner had been attacked and put to sleep by Emmie after attempting to apprehend her. After asking Officer Tanner for details regarding Emmie's location he departed and Jean-Luc and I began to prepare to head out.

Before we could leave, a Minior approached us with a tuft of Zoroark fur. JL allowed his Houndoom to smell the tuft and we began to track the scent which led us the the entrance of a cave hidden behind a waterfall. I entered first, under the logic that should the cave be empty only one of us would have to get wet. Upon exploring deeper, I came across Emmie and signaled JL to join me.

Tense negotiation began with Emmie. She claims she didn't assault any children and that her Zoroark is completely safe. To her credit, beyond growling and a few non-threatening physical interactions, Zoroark did not attack or injure neither myself nor JL. JL and I managed to convince her that the best thing to do was come willingly to the RTMP before she made the situation any worse for her or her Zoroark, whom she seemed unwilling to part with.

Emmie eventually agreed to come along. Initially she had her Zoroark grab me in its arms and claimed if it was taken from her I would be "first". After a moment I was released and she claimed she wasn't dumb enough to kill me but that I should keep my distance if Zoroark was taken from her. I'm unsure what to think of these threats.

On our way out, JL departed for the outpost to warm up and I encountered Ranger Johan Renland. After some discussion, he agreed to help escort Emmie to the RTMP. I split from the group in Aurelia to go to the hospital to be checked for potential injuries.

~ Ranger Holly Evergreen
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Re: Pokemon Ranger Report Archive

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27 Summer, 1134

This is a companion report to the one filed by Ranger Holly Evergreen, focusing more on the conversation I had with suspect Emmie Von Joy, and the information I gathered.

I should preface with this report by saying I have a close relationship with the concerned individual. I was one of the first real rapports Emmie had with someone in Toro, and I have seen her through her ups and downs over the past year. I say this not in defense of what I am about to write, but as a matter of clarity when I say what I am about to say.

I was patrolling out in the Galena area, when I had come across some abandoned house. While now I am certain it is unrelated to this event, at the time, I believed it might have been used by the suspect as a place of shelter. As I was searching, I began to unconsciously whistle a tune, one that I had previously sung around Miss Von Joy to calm her down during her panic attacks. Unknown to me at the time, Von Joy was in the area nearby, confronting Rangers Jean-Luc and Holly Evergreen. She heard the noise, and proceeded to close on my location, where I swiftly interrogated her. I learned that the impetus for these series of events was when Emmie attended the Victory Star's "Catching Up" Event as a Chaperone. She released her Hisuian Zoroark, which scared the children, upon which she immediately returned it. However, the frightened children were uncooperative, and several of them began to antagonize Emmie, about various aspects of her character, this slowly angered her, prompting the event that started this all.

After she had left, she began to have a sort of mental breakdown, one I still believe she is suffering from as a write this. She managed to get the idea in her head that it would be better for everyone to think she was dead. She acquired some blood from a local butcher, and the proceeded to trash her apartment, making it seem some kind of event had happened. That is where we come in, and my report loops back around.

As of writing, the last time I have interacted with Emmie, she was yelling, screaming, and even punched me in the face when I got close. Not even five minutes later, she was begging me to come back, and saying that she had left a stuffed animal she had made at the door for me. She is not a dangerous person. She is simply a broken person. A broken person who was never given the chance to be put back together. And, while a broken thing may cut you if you touch it, that doesn't make the broken thing inherently dangerous.

I know what I am about to write falls outside of my jurisdiction as a Pokemon ranger, (Hell, most of this report does so) but I feel compelled to write anyway. I hope this report falls into the hands of someone with the proper authority, and they read this. This event shows that we have gaps in our mental health system here in Toro. In my opinion, we need to focus less on a patient-driven model, and instead focus on preventative, personal care. This could have been prevented. Let Emmie be the last victim, and may we learn from out missteps.

Signing off,
Ranger Johan Renland
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Re: Pokemon Ranger Report Archive

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Winter 2, Year 1133 (Set in the past due to lack of time to write the report)

Report on the Rookidee egg

Report n°3 by Jean-Luc Barnier : Egg hatching and what to do next.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u3I ... sp=sharing
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Re: Pokemon Ranger Report Archive- A Tidbit of trouble

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Autumn 17, 1134

A Tidbit of trouble.

While Patrolling the Galena region I stumbled upon a young shiny hisuian zorua I have named Tidbit. He was a little way away from its nest. I was able to lure it with some berries and was able to capture it with little injuries.

Currently Johan and I are working on trying to better socialize it with people with Anniemarie acting as an observer to make sure things didn't get too out of hand. We are currently able to get it to eat with people around it but after its full its territorial nature kicks in and Tidbit becomes more aggressive. Where he will still bite and use shadow sneak when pushed he gives plenty of warning before doing so. We are hoping in time we can better socialize him to the point where he is no longer aggressive towards at least a few people.

Future plans will be to continue food training in the ranger holding zone by getting a little closer each time with the goal to get to the point where Tidbit can be pet. When he is not being worked with, he is returned to his Pokeball. I will also reach out to the PRRC and see if they have any advice on how to better proceed with him for the best chance of him being socialized.

-Medical Ranger Allister Cypress
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Re: Pokemon Ranger Report Archive

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Autumn 21, 1134
[Report - Fire]

I arrived as soon as I could after getting the back up request.
When I got on the scene there was a tree on fire.
With the help of Mr. Cypress' Peliper and my Keldeo the fire was swiftly dealt with.

[Report - Hostage]

As I was dealing with the fire I didn't see the first part of this.
When I got there the "Cow Wrangler" was holding someone hostage with a Corvinight, upset with something about his art, and Senior Medic Ranger Kisho taunting him.
Thanks to Sandra Farley he was unable to teleport away with his Hypno, who was eventually launched off the cliff and died thanks to Senior Ranger Kisho's Crabominable.
Senior Ranger Kisho and Senior Ranger Annemarie also tried to grapple and tackle the large me respectively. Senior Ranger Kisho ended up with a stab wound and Senior Ranger Annemarie was slammed into a fence.
I treated Kisho's wounds, thanks to my own training and lessons from Medic Ranger Albaraen, and got her to the hospital for professionals to help.

This is where I left and I have no knowledge of the events leading up to where I arrived.
I ask that a Ranger that was there before me to fill in the blanks

-Field Ranger Sevra Wrath
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