SilverBerry App / Leila bio

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SilverBerry App / Leila bio

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-Player Questions-
Minecraft Username: DiscordJelly
Discord Username: SilverBerry
Age: 20
Pronouns: fluid. She/Her
Where did you hear about us: I randomly came across this on Planet Minecraft
Tell us a little about yourself: I was a college student but I moved back home to help with family and work on my mental health. I wanted to get into some roleplay because it's been a while. I originally wanted something IU could jump quickly into but I saw this. And then, the effort was made.

-Roleplay Questions-
[ Please use your own words. ]
What is roleplaying?
Roleplaying is the act of playing a character to tell a story. It's almost like watching a stage play and you are "playing" the "role" of so and so.

What is meta-gaming?
Meta-gaming is using information that your character should not know, in the story. Especially to your advantage.

What is power-gaming / god-modding?
Power-gaming is someone using everything to their advantage. They may typically build their character to be and one-man hellspawn. This will typically result in an unfair balance in lev

What is retroactive continuity? (retcon): It is to change your story out of nowhere. This process leads to confusion and sometimes plots holes which can ruin an experience.

What is the difference between in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC)?
IN-character is when you are speaking or doing something IN character. This will further the story/plot. Out-of-character is something the actor (The real player), says something that won't nearly affect the story; This can be about anything.

Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server? (This won’t affect your acceptance)
YES! Multiple experiences! But this will be my first time in a large group, especially in Minecraft.

-General Character Questions-
[There is a 80+ word minimum for the appearance, 150+ word minimum for biography, and 150+ word minimum for personality. Your first character must come from a region that isn't Toro.]

Full name: Leila Bloom

Age: 26

Appearance: She is around 5'6, and her skin is a light tan. Her normal outfit is usually short basic pants, a crop top, and vibrant red flowers if possible. She wears boots with almost all of her outfits. At times Her clothing may change to something a lot more concealing, with a basic and dull shirt and normal pants. Her hair will also get tucked in her shirt, to help bring less color to her look.

Personality: Leila Is usually a sheepish and soft person. Being around people intimidates her. Thankfully her partner pushes her to be a little more open. When she is in a place she takes comfort in she will be more like herself, even if people are around. She can be a silly person when she is happy, Letting her random thoughts free a little more than a normal person. and whether she is in comfort or not she is always the curious type. Letting her eyes and feet wander exploring new or restricted places outside. She silently enjoys adventures, even if she may mope about them. Her partner Is very energetic and isn't afraid of trouble sometimes. They work on getting Leila to be more bold.

Biography: Leila was born in Alola. She was raised on a Pokemon Ranch with her mother and her sister. Her father wasn't talked about much, But she would overhear her mother and older sister talk about him at night sometimes. On her 5th birthday, she received a Pokemon egg, that was only a few days from hatching. Leila would not take her eyes off the egg going exhausted and waiting for the moment it hatched. No one knew what the Pokemon was going to be so they thought it would make for a fun surprise. After all, they didn't have any dangerous Pokemon, worse case the Pokemon was a Taurus. It was only Leila around when it hatched, and thankfully her body crashed right before it was revealed. Later when she woke up she found a newly hatched Pokemon hiding under the bed sheets scared to be seen. She recognized its behavior and gave it space. It took some time to get an outfit fitted for it, but it was worth it to have her new Mimikyu added to the family. As they grew older together, they ended up trying to explore the Island and its mysteries. They constantly got in trouble with a large company, they made Leila and her Mimikyu look bad in the eyes of her peers. They constantly shunned them to the point where they needed to leave, so their family would be thought of poorly. After leaving home she traveled aimlessly until she heard about Toro and decided to check it out.

Flaws: She cares too much about what others think of her. She puts everyone before herself. She will overthink at times.

Ambitions: She loves discovery! Exploring, and making new things is her passion. She wants to be better.

Starter Pokemon: Mimikyu

-Open Response Questions-

You find yourself standing in a bustling town. Suddenly, a small girl runs up to you, her eyes seeming to glisten with fresh tears as her bottom lip quivers. “Please!” She cries out to you, “You must help me! My poor Meowth is stuck in a tree!” She points to a nearby tree as more tears spill out of her eyes and down her cheeks. How does your character respond?

Shocked out of her thoughts of where her next turn was, Leila jumped turning towards the small girl. The small girl pleads pulled at her heart. "I will do the best I can." She said as she started thinking about what she could do. Looking around her eyes landed on a vine which sparked an idea. She grabbed and ready a Pokeball. Giving it a small hug before tossing her faithful partner. "Mimikyu, Grab the vine on the tree, and shadow sneak up there to help tie and lift Meowth down!" She instructed. With a few Hops Mimikyu Got switly to work. Mimikyu struggled to get full cooperation while tying the vine, but she managed to get it on, before lifting Meowth down. Leila made sure to untie The girl's Pokemon and handed them to her. She didn't want to semi-failing Pokemon to hurt the girl.

The small child gleamed holding tight on Meowth. After the reunion of the two the girl turned back to Look toward Leila showing her big pearly white marbles. He said it a very grateful tone, "Thank you! you and your Pokemon saved him!" This made a small blush appear on Leila's face. She waved toward Mimikyu and walked off with Meowth still in her grasp.

After arriving in Toro a cheerful woman walks up to you, a clipboard in her hand. “Hello and welcome to Toro! I would like to ask where you came from and why you came, as well as where you plan to go. All for for statistical reasons of course.” she asked with a bright smile as she held a pen to her clipboard. How does your character respond?

"O-Oh my," She said before preparing her quick story. "I come from a small community of ranchers. I wanted to find a place to call home and Found this place. I wanted to see what Toro had to offer before settling down." She said gently, her eye seeming to look past the greeter not wanting to meet their gaze. Her posture seemed to be interested in the question, but her look did not. "Thank you and have a good day." Leila rushed off before more could be asked.
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Re: Leila bio

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Just wanna note we reached out privately in the Discord Server to discuss it more!

Edit: Putting in inactive early since the applicant is withdrawing as they won't have the time right now. It'll be here for if / when they come back though!

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