Volunteer Actors - Liven up other's stories!

Be the friendly face at the door, ready to take your coat and hat, or help with other aspects of the server!
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Volunteer Actors - Liven up other's stories!

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What do Volunteer Actors do?
Volunteer Actors are folk that are happy to help others by acting as NPCs in mini-events or personal roleplays! This is not a staff role and does not come with all the same permissions nor responsibilities. People have always been allowed to run Mini-Events, and they still can. This is just an extra helpful role to show you're interested, and open to DMing stuff for other people! Plus it comes with a channel to have a more direct point of access to ask staff things in regards to DMing, - Supervising - advice, and such, with less hassle of tickets.

How to join
Reply to this thread saying that you’d like to be a Volunteer Actor and agree to follow all the rules and other guidelines!

Prerequisite: You must be an active member of Toro for at least a month!

Volunteer Actor Qualifications
  • * Problem Solving
    * Patience
    * Creativity
    * Handling a bit of chaos & improv
Volunteer Actor Rules
  • * You will ask the appropriate parties before using a location for a mini-event or Pokemon encounter if it applies.
    -- This may be the mayor of a city and/or the manager of a location.
    * Volunteer Actors will go to staff if there are any problems.
    * You will always ask a player for their level of comfort regarding sensitive topics.
    * If there’s any particularly odd or dangerous situations you must consult with staff first.
    * Everything you do should fit within our lore; do not alter defined lore or add anything that doesn’t already exists
    * They will not abuse this position to target a player or players negatively. If you do not want a player in your event, don't allow them to join and ask them to leave kindly; escalate to a staff member if needed. Ill feelings is not an excuse to abuse your position.
Examples of roles you don’t need permission to play
  • * Basic wild pokemon in open spaces and non-dangerous locations
    * A PRRC Pokemon for training / bonding RP if requested
    * Independent small-time criminals not in any organization.
    * Restaurant staff (with permission of owner!)
    * Family members of player characters
    * Priest for a wedding, or similar hired serviced.
    * Similar small scale roles of this nature. The list goes on, these are just a few examples.
What would require explicit permission / supervision?
  • * Dangerous / Powerful Pokemon
    * Extremely Dangerous Situations that could cause Major Injury
    * Pokemon in nests listed below
    * Criminals in specific criminal / villain groups
    * NPCs involved in any larger organizations [ Such as PixCo / RTMP / Rangers ]
    * NPCs under another player’s business / group.
    * Anything not automatically approved in the list above!
  • Places that are known to be very dangerous & would need supervision:
    - Drystone Cave
    - Freyalise Cave
    - Omega Island
    - Anything on Aquarelle Island
    - Dangerous Volcanic Caves [ Such as Garnet Caves / Golist Island Lava Cave ]
  • Things you just CANNOT do:
    - Do NOT make events that cause property damage or environmental damage on areas that you do not own.
    - Do NOT make events with the intention to give yourself or others: Shinies, or Special Items, or anything like that. At least, not without approval from staff.
    - Do NOT use Legendaries / Mythicals / Or anything else out of the usual.
    - Do NOT make a large scale event, (EX: anything with legendaries, non-player villains, lore defining)
    - Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, use an event to be vindictive to a player. We will not tolerate using an event to harm a specific player’s character without consent from the player.
With all that said, also just please use common sense, and ask us if you have any questions! We appreciate the help, and will help you in return! We hopes this leads to wonderful RP for more people, and makes it easier to get someone to help you out, without stretching ET too thin! In addition it's just a good way to just help people get better and more confident at DMing, if they want to be future ET, or just want their RP to go smoother~
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Re: Volunteer Actors - A new way to help Toro!

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I'd like to join!
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Re: Volunteer Actors - A new way to help Toro!

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I would like to join and I agree to the rules.
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Re: Volunteer Actors - A new way to help Toro!

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Hey there! I'd love to help out with this! Since I mostly wanted to help with event stuff, being a volunteer actor would be great! And of course I agree to the rules set before me.
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Re: Volunteer Actors - A new way to help Toro!

Post: # 16643Post Nicolas6722 »

I would like to become a Volunteer Actor and I agree to the rules! It's been several months now since I joined this server and And I would enjoy being able to help in this way.

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Re: Volunteer Actors - A new way to help Toro!

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Howdy new Volunteer Actors, I'll be giving you your roles in the Discord in a moment. Thank you for wanting to help folk out!

Small side note- I know you're on a bit break and trying to take some space Vic, so I'm gonna wait until you're back and ready! When you are just make another post (and make sure to reread the section on how to join!)
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Re: Volunteer Actors - A new way to help Toro!

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Hello! I am interested in joining and I agree to the rules. I really want to start working more in event related areas. :^D
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Re: Volunteer Actors - A new way to help Toro!

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Hey there,

I would like to become a Volunteer Actor and I agree to the rules!
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Re: Volunteer Actors - Liven up other's stories!

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I'd like to become a volunteer actor, and I agree to the rules!
(ehehehe.... the first step to becoming an ET is MINE... MINE!)
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