Vincent & Mimi LeGrand's Message to Toro:

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Vincent & Mimi LeGrand's Message to Toro:

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The LeGrand Estate releases messages from Vincent & Mimi LeGrand, sharing message for the public. Those who are beneficiaries of their estate will be contacted appropriately in time. :
" Dear Toro,
If you are hearing this then I have sadly passed away, more than likely along with my lovely wife Maggie as we are inseperable. Either way, do not be sad, remember all the great times and memories made while I walked the earth. I won't bore you all with some kind of silly willy will, not at my funeral, that can come later. But I want you all to do something for me, keep my spirit alive. Everyday all of you are still kicking it down there live your lives to the fullest and make it an adventure! To help you all follow my motto of making your life an adventure I give my final gift to all of you, in Toro: My greatest treasure. Somewhere in the grand an expansive region I hid a treasure many moons ago, one that eclipses all other material possesions I own. I encourage you all to go and find it to make it your own treasure! I will be watching from up here, so make sure you have fun while hunting for it. I love you all and know you'll make the LeGrands proud. - Vincent "
" If you are hearing this then I have sadly passed away, more than likely along with my lovely husband, Vincey, as we are inseparable. Look around at the world you've all built, the love and care you all have. I'm not good with words, and I don't have much fancy. I trust all that to my dear grandson. Since I know my son aint for it.

I'm sorry I didn't get to treat you to one more meal! So instead, make this for me. One of the best things about owning a dairy farm was the fresh milk, and- nothing is better than icecream when yer sad!"

*She describes her process of making Icecream, and encourages you all to try making some yourself. Or trying a pint at Little Pines.*
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