Wowdrive/Storyguy's Appeal

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Wowdrive/Storyguy's Appeal

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If y'all give me, an appeal format, I'll ensure it's the tiptop quality for the next month.

The way I behaved was the perfect storm of events that had been going wrong in my life.

I missed my quiz today since my iPhone decided to do an update in the middle of the god damn night! And I slept through my quiz that I studied until 3 AM.

My teachers haven't gotten my emails yet about some of my assignments, which is fine for a day, but 2 of them have just ignored me made me feel like I just another face in the class that they are making me TAKE TO GET MY DEGREE.

But that's not all over the past few monthss since I started college this has happened:

I have lost a lot in my own life right now; my friends barely have time to talk to me. My parents don't care about anything but good grades, and I can barely talk to others without being filled with envy and hatred. Like they keep telling me just to CHANGE! And I don't know how! Like that's asking me to stop being human! I DON'T KNOW HOW!

I don't have to strength to trauma dump my counselors because I KNOW for a fact that they don't care enough to help me in the way I need it. The professionals cost money to seek out, and they charge by the hour, so my money gets evaporated faster than my brain cells!

Soul searching has been hard since school started since I feel like a million cactuses have been pricking at my brain telling me to worry about the simplest of things like the way I talk and the way I walk. It's killing me! I feel like I'm being torn in half. MAN!

So that's why I have been so rude lately, because no one seems to be pointing me in the direction. I need direction man! I need to know why I exist!

Is it to be ignored?

I was so excited at the beginning of the summer to finally have things to talk about with others who genuinely care about what you say, rather than just nod and walk away. So that's why I got so angry when you guys just said, "Shush and take a mental break" because that's what people say all of the time to me, and it doesn't work! It just makes me hate more and make me wish I could just close myself off to the world!

But I guess, I screwed it up so I don't blame you for not caring enough to let me back in, just do me a favor and not call me an asshole for this. I have already gotten enough messages about this in the past 3-4 months, and I genuinely don't know why I should even exist anymore if everyone is just making me feel like I'm an outsider in the grand scheme of things.

If you want to delete this fine, sure whatever, I don't care. But if you want to talk, I'll be there to listen.

Peace y'all.
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Re: Wowdrive/Storyguy's Appeal

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Hi! So there isn't a proper appeal format, we let the person come to us as they'd like see how they've reflected on the reason for being banned. I think it would be most appropriate to Private Message to me (Misha), or DM one of the Admins or CRs. You aren't required to do it publicly.

In a month or more (November 12, 2023) you can submit an appeal. We won't take this one as it's very much on the spot, and we want to see how you see things after having that time. This is a good reminder to handle things on the forum as well though, so I'm going to do that after this reply. I would would like to offer some genuine guidance, and and more important- clarity to others who might read this because you decided to make this public however despite being told to DM a CR in a month.

It is certainly hard to find a therapist / counselor / etc. so I can understand the struggle. We do allow for some wriggle room to talk about issues, however that doesn't mean trauma dumping on Toro is appropriate! Bed was kind enough to give you a chance to move on, to step back, etc. but you continued pushing and pushing and pushing, and that was really the issue. In the past, I remember a similar situation where I had to force you to step back because you kept insisting on talking about how slice of life RP sucks like a day after you joined the server.

We weren't doing this to tell you 'shut up you're not important' or something it's because we were trying to give you guidance on what is inappropriate things to say so you can learn, or at least know it was time to step back so things don't spiral . we wouldn't have to get to this point. From the conversation with you it seems like you have a 'me vs. them' mentality and take words to be a lot more aggressive than you were. Me saying 'this was kinda bad manners' you took as 'you're a whiny entitled willy wonka nobody gives a damn what you say' which was-- not the case! There's been similar cases in the past where people tried to offer help or guidance and you turned it down and called them condescending.

You also actively complained about RP, including not getting it, and consistently turned down everyone who offered it or suggested ways to get RP. We literally have no idea what you want from the server. When asked in the past you've said in the past that you just didn't like public Pixelmon servers, but you've just been treating Toro like a regular toned down Pixelmon server pretty much, and that's not what this server is for.

Anyway, free speech does not apply in private spaces. We're fine with the random rants you did about stuff! You can't be a jerk and then yell 'BUT FREE SPEECH'. But when you insult someone has just for wanting to share their funny news they're excited about- that's kinda rude? But we could've ignored it. If you didn't just continuously continue that line of conversation despite having multiple outs and being told multiple times to stop.

We're not looking for some 'woe is me! I have the worst life!' We are not responsible for your dysfunction. It if unfortunate that you have all these problems, but it doesn't get you off the hook for creating problems for others. Not to mention the bigger issue is the self-centered way you're going about this. All you're doing is make excuses and your responses scream 'I don't care about others look at ME listen to ME'.

Stop using 'I can't change!' 'I don't know how to change!' when you're actively disregarded every attempt of people giving you guidance. Saying ' ‘It’s just how my mind works’, 'I can't change', and similar things doesn't make things better, it means you're aware of a flaw and actively choosing to use it as an excuse to not be better. It also doesn’t change the fact it’s a bad behavior that negatively impacts others. We understand it’s not something that’s easy to improve, but you have to learn to grow and move past your mindset and situation for yourself and for others. At some point it stops becoming about not knowing how, and it simply becomes an issue with you and your attitude.

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