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Whitelist application

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-Player Questions-
Minecraft Username: 4r71c0
Discord Username: 4r71c0
Age: 23
Pronouns (optional): He/Him
Where did you hear about us: Reddit!
Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a hispanic roleplayer that has been looking for a new home. I have played D&D, VtM, and a couple more TTRPGs and love to roleplay.

-Roleplay Questions-
[ Please use your own words. ]
What is roleplaying? Roleplaying is the act of impersonating a character created (Or pre-created) and get yourself in particular situations reacting how your character would react. This, along with other roleplayers creates a often beautiful story :)
What is meta-gaming? Metagaming is using out of character knowledge in character. You know things your character does not. Using this knowledge is metagaming.
What is power-gaming / god-modding? Power gaming is roleplaying without giving others the chance to answer back. Is basically doing whatever you want without expecting a reaction.
What is retroactive continuity? (retcon): When you roleplay or say, or act as something that contradicts events that already happened.
What is the difference between in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC)? In character is when you are acting as the character you are roleplaying as. Out of character is when you are speaking as the irl person you are.
Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server? I do!

-General Character Questions-
Full name: Roman Steadfast
Age: 18
Appearance: Roman possesses an unassuming average height and build, reflecting his active and outdoor oriented lifestyle. His sun kissed skin carries the subtle marks of countless adventures beneath the open sky. Roman's chestnut brown hair often appears tousled from the wind's gentle caress, giving him a rugged charm. His forest green eyes, set beneath strong eyebrows, convey unwavering determination and a profound connection to the natural world.
He favors practical and comfortable attire, typically opting for weather appropriate clothing that allows him to move freely during his explorations. Roman's modest appearance, while unremarkable at first glance, conceals the spirit of a determined and adventurous soul always ready for the next discovery.

Personality: He is known for his strong determination and boundless curiosity; he has a deep respect for nature and Pokemon, often seeing how every living being is interconnected. Roman loves adventures, always eager to explore new environments and discover Pokémon species unique to those places. He is kind hearted, always willing to lend a hand to both humans and Pokémon in need.
Roman's adventurous spirit drives him to seek out unexplored territories, and his curiosity fuels his desire to understand the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. He is not only a keen observer of Pokémon behavior but also a protector aspirant of their habitats. He swells with empathy when he encounters Pokémon in danger or in a bad position, and he will go to great lengths to help them.
Quick witted and resourceful, Roman shines in the face of unexpected challenges, always ready to devise creative solutions. He embodies the qualities of a Pokémon Ranger in training, committed to safeguarding both Pokémon and their natural environments, looking to achieve harmony between humans and Pokémon.

Biography: Roman origins trace back to Canalave City in the Sinnoh region. Growing up in this bustling town, he developed a deep connection to the world of Pokémon. From an early age, Roman harbored a dream of becoming a Pokémon Ranger, dedicated to safeguarding Pokémon and their natural habitats.
His parents, originally from Arenisca, seeded in him a love for adventure and the outdoors, sharing stories of their own travels and encounters with Pokémon from different regions. These tales further fueled Roman's determination to embark on his journey and make a difference in the Pokémon world.
Fate took an unexpected turn when Roman learned about Iron Island, a remote location steeped in mystery and known for its unique Aura and the presence of certain Fighting type Pokémon. Intrigued by the prospect of encountering these Pokémon, Roman decided to make a detour to Iron Island on his way to Toro, even though he didn't have any Pokémon of his own at that time.
In the heart of Iron Island's mysterious caves, Roman encountered challenges that tested his courage and resourcefulness. It was there that he formed a remarkable bond with his starter Pokémon, Riolu, solidifying his resolve to become a Pokémon Ranger specializing in Aura and the protection of Pokémon and their environments.
Roman's decision to venture to the Toro region was fueled by his insatiable curiosity, thirst for adventure, and the deep seated desire to protect Pokémon and the natural world in this new and diverse landscape.

Flaws: Despite his determination, Roman's unwavering curiosity can sometimes lead him into risky situations. He may prioritize Pokémon and their well being over his own safety, which can result in reckless behavior. Roman's inexperience as a Pokémon Trainer also leaves him vulnerable to more seasoned opponents.
Roman tends to go with his gut and act on impulse, which can sometimes get him into dangerous situations. He does not overthink things, and while that can make him brave and quick to act, it also means he doesn't always see the consequences that come with his actions.
Roman got this idealistic view of the world, believing that everyone, humans, and Pokémon, are all inherently good. This keeps his determination going, but sometimes, it makes him too trusting. He's not always ready to accept that not everyone out there has good intentions, and that can lead to some tough situations.

Ambitions: Roman primary ambition is to become a skilled Pokémon Ranger specializing in the protection of Pokémon and their natural habitats. He aspires to make a positive impact on the Pokémon world, particularly in regions where the balance between humans, Pokémon, and the environment is delicate.

Starter Pokemon: Riolu
Skin: Here's the skin!

-Open Response Questions-
3. Responses must be written in third person and formatted like RP instead of a description. Like: ' Steve focuses on the girl with a gasp and asks, " How can I help? " ' other than ' Steve would answer the call to help the cat! Feel free to make responses for the NPC in order to meet this requirement.][/size]

You find yourself standing in a bustling town. Suddenly, a small girl runs up to you, her eyes seeming to glisten with fresh tears as her bottom lip quivers. “Please!” She cries out to you, “You must help me! My poor Meowth is stuck in a tree!” She points to a nearby tree as more tears spill out of her eyes and down her cheeks. How does your character respond?

Roman immediately takes action when the distressed girl approaches him. Without hesitation, he nods reassuringly and declares, "Don't worry, I'll get your Meowth down right now!" He surveys the tree, realizing that climbing might be the quickest way.
With an impulsive surge, Roman makes a bold attempt to scale the tree. His first try is met with a slip, causing him to momentarily lose his grip, falling and hitting the ground. Determined not to give up, he brushes off dirt from his clothes, adjusts his grip on the tree trunk, and gives it another shot. This time, he manages to make his way up the tree, branch by branch, his heart pounding with determination.
As Roman reaches the stranded Meowth, he carefully scoops it up and cradles it in his arms, relieved to have succeeded. With a triumphant smile, he descends the tree and hands the Meowth to the grateful girl, who showers him with heartfelt thanks. "There you go, your Meowth is safe now," he says, panting slightly but highly satisfied not only having helped the girl, but having saved a Meowth.


You are walking along the road when your eyes lock onto a trainer's in the distance. At that moment, you both freeze in place. You see a glimmer in the trainer's eyes as he reaches for his Pokeball. "Go, Rattata! Show this chump what we've been training for!" the trainer shouts as he swiftly releases his chosen partner in the vacant space that separates the two of you. How does your character respond?

As Roman eyes lock onto the approaching trainer, he initially hesitates.
He wonders if a battle is the best course of action, as they have just met, “Excuse me sir, I don’t think we should-”, the moment the trainer calls him a "chump" a surge of determination and impulsiveness overcomes Roman.
He swiftly reaches for his Pokeball and releases Riolu onto the road. There's no turning back now. He meets the trainer eyes with steely determination and declares, "Aight, if you want a battle, you got one! Riolu, lets show them what we are made of! Use Tackle!"
Riolu confidently responds to Roman's with a burst of energy, launching into a Tackle with a determined shine in its eye. Roman is ready to prove that he is no pushover in this battle.
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Re: Whitelist application

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When you get online, you can notify a staff with a starter of your choice, with whatever specifications you could want! Custom Size / Nature / Gender / Non-HA Ability ( if you want one of these, you're best with asking around )
I'll also let you know, since it's easy to miss but! We do level the playing field a little bit and provide Max IVs / near Max IVs for Hidden Powers - though people still need to breed if they want specific stats ( like 0 atk ) and for the rest :3 ! There's a NPC to do that in our Battle Tower!

But outside of all that WELCOME! The IP is server.toro-league.com:7777 and
You can find links to the Technic Pack or individual mod links in the #rules-and-resources channel of discord, along with most important info! You can always ask if you have any questions or concerns.
^^ I recommend giving the New Player Guide a read~
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