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An outlet for IC media-oriented posts; IC radio announcements, tv shows, newspapers, etc. Stay up-to-date on all major events in Toro.
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Discord Toro News Archive

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This thread is being made to archive all the posts made in the Discord's #toro-news channel for safety! We have a big backlog to go through so it might take some time. For the moment we'll probably do several announcements in each and try to update it one-by-one when we eventually catch up. Please bare with us as we take a moment to figure out how we want to present and upload the information.

"Hey guys! We made this channel for multiple purposes. If you want to make IC radio announcements for events, feel free to place them here (either the day of the event or you can drop the announcement here ahead of time as a preview).

You can also use this channel for radio and tv shows. For example, if you wanted to do a weekly tv show, you could either drop a synopsis of this week’s episode in here or post a google doc with a longer script. We hope this channel can be used as a creative outlet for people with entertainment-oriented characters.

Please only ping everyone if it’s an announcement relating to an event."
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Re: Discord Toro News Archive

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kcband36 — 06/10/2018 7:37 PM
@everyone It'd of been a normal Toro day when across various radios a static broadcast would come through:

[TNN] "Attenti... Toro. Team Neo.. oir.. has successfully took.. the air....port under.... control. The star... of a new... ra... begins.. now. The Rise... Team Neo Noir."

As soon as the broadcast is cut out a cut to breaking news plays through all the stations:

[JSR] "Attention Toro Citizens, we have reports from those near Toro International Airport that the facility has been sieged by the mysterious group, Team Neo Noir. They have taken multipul civilians hostage and their plans at this time are unknown. What is known that today was suppose to be an exhibition of the new zeppelin that flew in from Shieferwalden, leading experts are assuming that the team plans to highjack the zeppelin. More updates will come as the situation furthers."

wally — 06/11/2018 1:34 PM
Your radio clicks on. You've been waiting all week for this broadcast. This one is special, though, you can feel it! Likely because its one of the ones you can hear oocly, but shhhh its okay. Anyways, its time for another week of Carmine Community Radio.


Transcript: http://toro-league.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=14

Music and Gif by: Louie Zong (louiezong.com)

kcband36 — 06/12/2018 10:35 PM
@everyone The morning news would cross the waves into radios across Toro as Jiggly Sound Radio Station begins it's morning routine.

"A good jiggly morning Toro! This is your news host Jackson Not-Johnson Jimmy giving you the brief news of what's happening in Toro! To begin with our on going news story, Toro International Airport is still being cleaned up and is expected to reopen at the end of the season. Once again, a thanks to all citizens who responded to the attack as well as a hoorah to the RTMP! However, while all hostages where recused, all but one of the grunts involved in the attack escaped authorities. If you see any Team Neo Noir grunts please be sure to report it and any mysterious activity to the RTMP at once. At this time the plans of Team Neo Noir are unknown, what is known is that they stole a zeppelin from the airport as well as planned on stealing two planes from the nearby hanger but did not take them. Inside the hanger cages full of voltorbs of all sizes where found, it was theorized by analysts here at Jiggly Sound Radio, as well as our parent company JTVS, that Team Neo Noir gathered this pixelmon in attempts to use them as explosives. This was a common tactic of Team Noir previously and could still be a trend within Team Neo Noir. Moving onto our next news topic..."

The station would carry onto other news such as the Carmine fundraising soon to occur and rumors of a cruise ship making a stop in Cobalt.

Vernon — 07/06/2018 7:21 PM


The radios in Toro cut out as the familiar, and long overdue for a return, voice of Stormy Sweetwater comes over the airwaves. With a tone full of vibrant energy, she delivered some serious news!

"Attention Toroans! Stormy Sweetwater rolling in with a thunderous emergency broadcast! The Cobalt Recycling center has been taken over by a Cold Front of those CODEX cronies, the Rhyhorn Riders. We're not exactly sure why they're there, but they took the place over, and boarded up all the doors and windows! Now the higher ups say that I need to tell you guys to stay away. So stay away. But, for those of you who don't know where to stay away from, I'll give you directions!"

Stormy then proceeds to explain rather quickly how to find the recycling plant from the entrance to Cobalt, before clicking out with a laugh that just got caught off.



Event is in TEN MINUTES!

CorbinOwl — 07/07/2018 7:47 PM
@everyone Our story last left off with the first guardian, Regirock, being ultimately defeated and returned to it's slumbering state. Today however, the Golurk holding the temple let's out a harsh ear piercing cry followed by the sight of several pieces of the temple itself falling from the island to land around the plains of Tyrian. What could be going on...?

CorbinOwl — 07/07/2018 9:54 PM
^Continuing from the previous coverage relating to the Golurk and it’s mysterious ruins, the broadcast continues. “...The key to open the next door, completely frosted over with thick ice was found. In addition to this, several adventurers discovered interesting trinkets and an apparent cremation chamber. I suppose only time will reveal the secrets hidden within this mysterious ruin...” What does it all mean? What creature of ice awaits our motley crue? Find out in the next chapter of the Event, beginning next week, day and time TBA. (EDIT BY WALLY BECAUSE HES NERD)^
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Re: Discord Toro News Archive

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kcband36 — 07/09/2018 2:11 AM
@everyone Fliers would be posted in pixelmon centers and around each towns throughout Toro advertising for the Festival of Lights, a reoccurring festival held in Toro to help return Kibo's Comet back to earth. Along with the fliers various radio advertisements would play one such could be heard from JSR:

"Hello folks, this is Jackson Not-Johnson Jimmy here giving you some community event updates! It's that time of the 13 year cycle for Kibo's Comet where it is at it's furthest point from us, which means... It's time for the Festival of Lights! This year is sure to throw a punch with the amount of family fun, from pixelmon contests to some snow fort building! There is something for everyone at the Festival of Lights, so be sure to come down this upcoming autumn before it's too late and you'll have to wait another 13 years."

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Re: Discord Toro News Archive

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kcband36 — 08/17/2018 3:28 PM
@everyone A radio broadcast would go across Toro announcing of an upcoming party:
"Hello everyone, Vincent LeGrand here announcing an end of the year celebration at the newly renovated LeGrand Manor off the coast of Cobalt. Come and enjoy a night of partying and free drinks, food will be included of course. Be sure to come in your best.. from years ago! This will be a Unovan rolling twenties styled celebration, so dawn your best feather boas and tap shoes and get ready for a wonderful celebration!"

Party is at 7:00PM EST 8/25/18
This party is going to be one final hurrah before school is finally in swing for most people! (I know some start this upcoming week so it'll be a week late for a few.. also something special might happen that night too.)

Vernon — 09/28/2018 2:04 PM
A little jingle plays, broadcasting from the JSR radio station, signaling it was time for the daily news report.

"Good afternoon Toroans! Stormy Sweetwater here, your favorite Bringer of Sun and Shine, or the biggest Rain on your Parade! Time for our daily brief news highlights! Starting us off, there's been no attacks on Toro proper for about a year now! Woo! Maybe we finally showed those no-good CODEX guys what-for. And those Neo Noir guys too!" Papers ruffle over the microphone. "Next up on our Crime Report. Earlier this season, officers recently responded to a break in at a local jewelry store in Aurelia, but when the RTMP arrived, all three men were tied up, and out cold. The only thing indicating was a note saying 'Left you a present, officers!' attached to the foreheads of one of the goons. Nothing seemed to be missing from any of the jewelry bags the goons had either."

Another ruffle of papers. "Now for weather. As always, Toro's got plenty of rain in the seasonal forecast, but things are going to be warming up soon, as Spring is on its way! Well! That's all the time we have for now! This is Stormy Sweetwater, Rain Sleet or Snow, I'm always in the Know!"

And with that, the music returns.

Stow — 09/30/2018 10:51 PM
http://www.toro-league.com/forum/viewto ... =11&t=4019

A new edition of the Toro Times! Woah!
And what's this? A radio broadcast that fills up an empty slot on the Toro Times Radio Channel? Might be worth a listen!
http://www.toro-league.com/forum/viewto ... =11&t=4020

Stow — 10/06/2018 10:49 PM
Hey you! Do you wanna be a caller on Truth be Told? Give your hot take on educated and meaningful discussion on issues in our region? Then give the Toro Times a call, and you can be part of the people who warn of the threats that most people don’t even know about!
(PM stowaway8888 if you wish to be in the next broadcast!)

Stow — 10/21/2018 7:21 PM
http://www.toro-league.com/forum/viewto ... =11&t=4022

New issue of the Toro Times!

Stow — 11/11/2018 11:48 PM
http://www.toro-league.com/forum/viewto ... =11&t=4029

http://www.toro-league.com/forum/viewto ... =11&t=4028

New Toro Times and Truth Be Told!

kcband36 — 12/10/2018 2:57 AM
http://www.toro-league.com/forum/viewto ... 157&t=4043
Come read the first edition of the Galena Gazette !

Stow — 01/05/2019 2:08 PM
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DX3 ... uke6zzKT_E

Toro Times for the Kibo Ball!

kcband36 — 01/10/2019 1:02 AM
A short news briefing airs on JigglySound Radio: "Hello there folks! It's time for your brief news recap. It's almost time for the Kibo Ball! As a reminder The Ball will be January 12th at 6PM EST! That means it's only a few days away. In other news we have some disheartening update from Galena. Contact with the research vessel heading for the artic has not made contact in days. It's unknown what happened but it seems as though it's lost at see. Updates will be made as more information releases. For now we all should focus on this amazing ball soon to happy! For now have a great day Toro!"

Vernon — 02/09/2019 9:36 PM

The music on the radio fades out into a special news broadcast.

"HELLO TORO!" Came a cheery voice over the airwaves of the JSR building. "It's me, Stormy Sweetwater, with your Eyes on Events! Today Pix. Co's factory in Canvas got two holes blown in it! Looks like the Rhyhorn Riders are back again! And they managed to steal something! All that was there when authorities showed up was the hero The Steel Knight, a young adult girl, her mother, and a fainted Kommo-o! As far as we know, the owner and identity of the Rider is unknown, but we DO know he was using a beefed-up Exploud! So watch out for anyone like that! We don't know what he took from Pix. Co yet, but if the Riders want it, I'd bet a month's salary that it's not good for us. We'll keep you posted as we find out more info. For now, Rain, Sleet or Snow, Stormy's in the know!"

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Re: Discord Toro News Archive

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Vernon — 02/12/2019 4:52 PM
The music on the radio cuts out, replaced by a news jingle!

"Good Evening Toro, my name is Jericho Hall, and and welcome to Jiggly Station News, your number one source for Radio Based news. Investment information is in today, so for all you day traders, now's the time to go check with your brokers." There's a shuffle of papers, as the monotone voice continues. "Spring is in full swing, as temperatures rise, and flowers bloom. The Flower Forest near Cobalt seems to be in even more of a bloom than last year." More paper shuffling. "Lastly, sky watchers have reported a blue and red streak across the sky, vanishing as quickly as it appeared. These reports are unconfirmed, but are being investigated." Another shuffle. "Please join us at 8 for all the regional news that hasn't happened yet."

The music returns after a few advertisements that follow the broadcast outro jingle.

Vernon — 02/16/2019 1:29 PM
The music on the radio cuts out once more, as Jericho Hall returns for a special news bulletin!!!

"Good Morning Toro, my name is Jericho Hall, and welcome to a special update on Jiggly Station News, your number one source for Radio Based news. In one of our earlier broadcasts, we reported Blue and Red streaks shooting across the skies. Those streaks have now been determined to have been caused by Pokemon, though we're not quite sure what Pokemon are causing them. We urge any Toroans who may know what is going on to call us. Our Tipster hotline is (ZZZ)-YYY-XXXX. We'll see you at our regularly scheduled time with all the news that hasn't happened yet."

The music returns after a few advertisements that follow the broadcast outro jingle.

Vernon — 02/16/2019 7:39 PM
[JSR] "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TORO! Stormy Sweetwater here with a Pokemon Behavior Broadcast! For all your oddities in Pokemon behavior! A Volbeat and Illumise have been sighted up IN Tyrian! They keep flashing their tails at people, trying to get their attention! So head on up there and give them your time! It's just past the hotel in the most northwestern corner, just before the beach! That's all for now! Stormy! OUT!"

(For those who aren't yet online!)
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Re: Discord Toro News Archive

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kcband36 — 03/16/2019 3:06 AM
(I will ping in the morning / afternoon)

Breaking News from Jiggly Sound Television and Radio

"Coming straight from the source itself The United Regions has closed down Toro Region's Pix Co. factory as well as it's International Office right here in Aurelia. Sources state that an anonymous high ranking employee has leaked documents that provide a solid link between Pix Co. and the known terrorist group Team Noir. Thus the Untied Regions has closed both portions of Pix Co. for investigations. At this time it's unknown if such a connection is still being maintained with the new branch of Team Noir, Team Neo Noir. Current Pix Co. CEO, Walter Bright, states that the 'documents are falsified and the U.R. should expect full cooperation'. For now the average trainer can expect for Pixelmarts and Pixelmon Centers to still run at status quo thanks to Pix Co.'s partner, Silph Co. This Kanto based company states that it has no affiliation to Team Noir and will help with investigations as needed."

"If anyone has more information about Team Noir or Team Neo Noir we urge you to contact the RTMP as soon as possible, and report any strange activity. With the recent attack and disruption caused by the Ryhorn Riders the RTMP is on high alert, and the U.R. investigation certainly adds more stress! More on this breaking news as information releases."

Vernon — 03/23/2019 7:20 PM

[JSR] "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TORO! Stormy Sweetwater here with a Pokemon Behavior Broadcast! For all your oddities in Pokemon behavior! A flock of Pokemon have taken over Adamas Square! Flaaffy, Mareep, Swablu, Altaria, Jumpluff, Swirlix, Drifloon, Whimsicott, AND Cottnee are all there in a LARGE amount! They're not causing any issues, but it's rather strange to see all of them. They're all pretty docile too. They enjoy head scratches! So head to Adamas if you need some Pokemon Based Stress Therapy! That's all for now! Stormy! OUT!"

Vernon — 03/30/2019 8:20 PM

Posters are put up all over the region, advertising an open mic/karaoke gathering to celebrate the end of finals season at FPU! Live (mostly amateur) music, food, drinks, and the like! Hosted on top of the FPU building, on the battle arena! Thrown by the Mayor of Ferrite!

Last minute event swap. Sorry guys, just not in the mindset to have a villain event.

kcband36 — 03/30/2019 11:01 PM
@everyone Some news would arrived from the JSTV and JSR:

Early on the 22nd of Autumn an explosion rocked Alola’s Akala island, the source coming from the Alolan Habitat Center. As firemen and rescue crew arrived on site they found half of the A.H.C. had exploded and caught fire. Sources still say the cause is uncertain but it originated in a obscured lab within the West Wing. According to previous statements from CEO Vincent LeGrand there was no research or development occurring at the A.H.C. However there are conflicting reports coming from various workers at the site, one stating a ‘Theo Ross Junior worked on projects for Mr. LeGrand within that wing of the center’. At this time the Alolan Police force has taken Theo Ross Junoir into questioning. The rescue crew is still working to finding missing employees of the A.H.C. as well as Mr. Vincent LeGrand himself. Thus included in this article is a list of missing peoples as of this time. This is still a developing story and more information will be released as it comes, so keep tuned in Toro.
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