Application Team - Suss Out New Folk

Be the friendly face at the door, ready to take your coat and hat, or help with other aspects of the server!
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Application Team - Suss Out New Folk

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What does the Application Team do?
As an app team member you will likely be the first people to interact with any new people! Your job will be to go through their applications- it's more than just finding flaws in characters, but also keeping an eye out for the players themselves. You must balance being thorough and being friendly; we can't have you scaring away our possible future players after all! If you go too easy though it would mean we'll have characters whose stories or appearances conflict with the server's lore, or players who struggle because they started on the wrong foot with an ill-fitting character! You will also have deal with any questions or problems they might have during the application process.

Before you join the Application Team
You must have held a Staff position for at least a month.

You will put through a test- or multiple- before being fully approved, that way we can see how you handle applications.

Application Team Qualifications
  • * Ability to work with diverse groups, including many who speak English as a second language.
    * Strong written and verbal communication skills in a professional manner when necessary.
    * Ability to analyze faults within an application and provide assistance when needed.
    * Strong customer service ethic.
Application Team Responsibilities
  • * Anaylze Applications and work with potential players when needed
    * Keep an eye out for problematic behaviors with new applicants
    * Help review the Character Profiles of existing players

Application Team Application

Please make a thread titled ____'s Application Team Application and fill out this application if you want to apply!

Code: Select all

Preferred Name: 
MC Username: 
Time Zone: 
Number of hours available: 
How long you have been playing on Toro League: 

Why do you want to join the Application Team?: 
Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: 

What can you bring to this team?: [[i]Anything[/i] and [i]everything[/i] that you can do that makes you more useful as an Application Team member!] 
What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: 
How do we handle applicants under the age of 16?: 

Anything else we need to know: 
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