Kirby’s Permanent Departure

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Kirby’s Permanent Departure

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hey ya’ll, i’ll be leaving toro!! it has been a blast while i’ve been here and you’ve all been so lovely, but my irl things have really started to pick up and i just don’t have time to get online anymore. please feel free to still contact me after i leave though, you all are so dearly important and kind to me that it would be such a shame to loose so many of you as friends. now, to the lore part…
“Kirby Sinclair had taken a break from her duties as the orphanage caretaker for sometime now. The break seemed to keep getting extended until it was unreasonable for her to have been gone so long. Kirby had inevitably fallen ill, now unable to leave her own bed. Maybe it was a genetic condition, maybe it was something she developed over her time in Toro, but she just couldn’t move as well as she used to anymore. She sent a very apologetic letter to the orphanage’s office, describing her resignation and reappointment to her husband, Leon Everwinter, to take up her position as the Head Caretaker. She sent along a large basket of hand picked fruit and sweets for the kids. Kirby didn’t know how much energy she had left in her, so she finally went with Leon to have a small, quiet wedding ceremony to officiate their bond together. Her condition only seemed to decline as she had constant aches and pains, dizziness and fainting spells. She could barely move anymore without feeling fairly ill. Leon wouldn’t stand it, seeing his wife slowly fading away in their house was not the way to go. After a long talk between the two newly weds, they agreed that Kirby will fly away from Toro, going to stay in a kinder and safer place far away on a relaxing Island that had a facility to give her the treatment and care she needed. She gave all her children a teary goodbye, flying away with her eldest, Torie, to finally seek a solution to her declining health. Torie went with her to see her mother situated well and to continue pursuing her passion in marine biology through a university located on the same island. Kirby Everwinter sends postcards every month to her family, showing her recovery and love for them all, along with many tropical treats for them to enjoy. They’re all welcome to visit her anytime, but she will no longer be returning to Toro.”
it had seriously been a blast being here, so I leave with a heavy heart. thank you all for your kindness, generosity and overall fantastic welcoming arms for me to join this community! i hope to talk to you all some time again soon!

Shrubb 🌱
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Re: Kirby’s Permanent Departure

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<3 luv u shrub im gonna miss u
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