Central Toro Rock Radio - Solo Sessions #1 [Spring 1123]

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Central Toro Rock Radio - Solo Sessions #1 [Spring 1123]

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The radio show hosted by a semi-famous retired rocker takes a break from a string of absolutely beautiful rock songs from the past. Seems like a new segment was coming up.

A smooth-toned gentleman would speak up on the radio, interrupting some music.

“Good afternoon, people of Toro! Ted Van Halo here today. I know you’re craving our next track, a true rock classic– But I think it’s time that we all take a step back and listen to the music of our region. A lot of dark things are happening in this– this region we call home. And it would be remiss not to touch upon these… powerful subjects.”

“Today, we need to discuss what happened in Aurelia a few days ago. Apparently, a peaceful protest headed by two members of the Toroans Against Excessive Violence, ironically turned violent after some sensitive topics were brought up. Now, this is a group dedicated to promoting peace and safety through the region, and… well–”

“I- I don’t know what to say about this. I understand, and I respect the people willing to protest and rebel against the status quo. That’s what all rock is about. But for people of this region? My neighbors? For these Toroans to turn this peaceful thing into pure chaos is-is just completely unacceptable.”

“I brought a guest in today, an old friend of mine who happened to hear about this from a friend of a friend… Thank you for coming into the studio today, Mister Pirelli.”

A scratchy voice would pipe in over the radio.

“Pleasure to be ‘ere, Mister Van Halo. Now, my baker tells me that on the way to the grocery store in Aurelia, one of his customers said the violence got so bad that they saw someone fleeing on a bird Pokemon. ‘pparently, a protestor was struck by a brick and was grievously injured judging by the amount of blood she saw. Truly dreadful”

“Wow, I can- I can- I can’t believe something like… like this would happen in the streets of Aurelia. I’m told this happened in the streets of Aurelia? Where on Earth were the RTMP?”

“That’s just it, I believe the boys in blue were on the scene, but the riot had escalated so much, from zero to crazy in a few seconds - there was no indication things were going to get violent until they darn well did. They got it all under control, but… Aurelia was impossible to navigate for hours, from what I hear.”

“That’s terrible. You’d never think people would be able to do things like this to- to their fellow man. But, here we are. I suppose the chaos caused by that Pokemon, Hoopa and… constant terrorist attacks have sent our people into a bit of a spiral. But, there are always people willing to listen. If you’re having bad thoughts, here’s what you should do. Walk right on over to Aurelia General and seek out some help there. Those folks will set you just right. It won’t be fast, but they’ll give you the best healing help they can.”

“I agree. Don’t hurt others because you’re hurtin’ yourself. It ain’t worth the heartache you’ll cause and the time you might have to do. A lot of people lost precious family members recently, so try to… keep that in mind when dealing with someone angry. We’re all people here, aren’t we?”

“Right you are, Mister Pirelli. I want to thank- thank you for coming down today and sharing this account with us. Sounds like a lot of unrest might be happening around this region. But… One moment, I’m receiving word of… Some strange beacon of light appearing in the roofed forest, just south of Viridis? It appears that some… stone trees have appeared in the area?”

“A lot of odd things, I don’t recommend investigating until the RTMP says that it’s safe. Stay safe out there, Toroans. Now then! Back to our next song. Jessie’s Mom by Fountains of Spring is coming right up!”

The station would resume its regular broadcast of jamming tunes and rocking blues.
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