snek's trainer application

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snek's trainer application

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Preferred Name: snek
MC Username: Strawberry_snek
Age: 18
Time Zone: PST
Number of hours available: Varies depending on my work schedule, but I'm usually available on discord at the very least if I'm not asleep. I'm home pretty often, so! I will be very available in terms of being able to just hop on the server and help out new players. Also, a bit of a vampire at times, so I may be available at uncanny hours, too.

How long you have been playing on Toro League: 2, almost 3 years now! I joined in May 2020.

Why do you want to become a Trainer?: Well, it's always nice to make new friends, and I want to give possible new players as warm a welcome as they can get! Every member of our wonderful server is a friend. I want to help show them what a loving and friendly community Toro is! Help them out and answer any questions they may have, teach them the basics of RP once they get in, and just generally helping them out!

Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: No positions, but I do help out new players a lot however I can, no matter what server I'm on! I've always tried to be helpful.

What can you bring to this team?: [Anything and everything that you can do that makes you more useful as Trainer!] I'm always willing to give them some introductory RP to teach them the ropes, even if I were to get on late at night! Help show them around to some useful places, help get them started in-character as well. I can help make skins if they need it, too! I like to think I'm pretty friendly, trustworthy, and would help new people feel welcome.

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: I know I'm pretty forgetful sometimes, so if that ever is an inconvenience, sorry in advance. I doubt I'll have any other problems, but if you have/notice any, just tell me!

Anything else we need to know: Not that I know of!
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Re: snek's trainer application

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Your trainer application has been accepted!
Welcome to the team- we're happy to have you!
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