Changes to Toro's Staff + New Groups!

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Changes to Toro's Staff + New Groups!

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Hi everyone- we're here to say there's some changes happening to how our different teams are being handled! We wanted to clarify the responsibilities each position entails, along with providing more chances to just help around- even without being staff!

A new Staff Position, Helper, has been created! and a few positions are being rolled into it.
This is more of an entry-level position for if you wanna help out, and a stepping stone if you wanted to be in one of the more specialized teams! Helpers are folk who are here to help staff with basic tasks around the server- a bit more details being found here: viewtopic.php?t=5135
Public Relations and Application Team is being rolled into this position.

Notably, information on all the staff teams can be found here! viewtopic.php?t=4778

We're looking for help with SMALL EVENTS!
With this announcement we want to clarify Event Team isn't just about giant important events- we'd be more than happy to have people on who want to help run smaller things! Even smaller ones like Pokemon catching ones, region exploration stuff, and other simple things! The folk in ET are happy to have your help! If you join as a Helper and mention you have an interest in running events, we'll definitely keep it in mind and offer guidance / accept the help!

Committees are new groups that exist now!
Committees are smaller groups of especially helpful members dedicated to specialized tasks. These are open to regular players and not staff positions. Additionally, while staff may be in a committee, having a staff role doesn’t automatically put you in all the committees.

For more information on Toro's committees you look at this thread: viewtopic.php?t=5142

And of course- we're always looking for more people who want to help with the server!
If you're interested in joining the team, feel free to apply for Trainer / Helper or poke us about one of the open committees!
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