Kneelegs ET app (fudge-muffins you Stow)

Eager to play new, quirky characters, build, or create events? Apply here!
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Kneelegs ET app (fudge-muffins you Stow)

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Preferred Name: Kneelegs the almighty thicc boy
MC Username: Kneelegs
Age: 23
Time Zone: Eastern
Number of hours available: Varies
How long you have been playing on Toro League: Coming up on 3 years

Why do you want to join Event Team?: It seems like ya'll need some homie help. That, and Stow personally asked me.

Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: Yes, but on a smaller scale.

What can you bring to this team?: I have taken multiple writing classes and have a strong sense of quality, as well as a lot of creativity

Examples: [If your skills involve something that can have examples such as skins, posters, or builds.]
What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: I'm not on a set schedule, so my availability varies (Especially when I will be going back to college soon).

Have you ran or helped with any Toro events before?: Yes, I've helped with a diving event, and I would consider Gym trials as small events.

Have you helped with any other parts of the event process?: Lots of planning and group work.
Are you capable of running or helping in events with a higher number of players?: Not the first few times, but I don't think ANYONE can easily.
Are you capable of running combat-oriented events?: Yes! I like to think that I've seen enough to know how to properly do it.

Now, create an event and write at least a one-paragraph summary. Then, complete the following questions:
(1) Describe any effects or props that would be needed and how to implement them.
(2) Write a basic outline for a character to be used in an event. Essentially, an actor should be able to read it and become the character you want them to.
(3) Create a list of ten emotes to be used in the event.

Title: Defending the Blue Eon.

Summary: Latios is injured, and needs human assistance to make a full recovery. After soaring a little too high in the sky, Latios accidentally trespasses into Rayquaza's territory and was attacked as a result. After barely escaping with its life, it crashes into Aurelia. Its counterpart, Latias, shorty arrives to help its other half recover, but it's going to take some time...
Latios' landing was anything but quiet, and as a result, attracts the attention of the order. Their goal? Capture Latios, and Latias.
Players will be tasked to defend the pair while Latias continuously uses heal pulse to help the critically injured Latios.

Effects/props needed: None. No props or special effects will be needed. This will be a "Defend the objective" type of event.

Basic outline for a character: The character is Hubert Gangles. Hubert is an 18-year-old man who always sought the affection and approval of his parents before they died in Hoenn, along with many others by Groudon's earthquakes. Lost, he was quickly picked up by the order, and now desperately craves the affection and approval of his superiors. The prophet, most of all.

List of 10 emotes:
1: *Outside town hall, everyone could see a deep carve created in the paved road of the city, as if someone had taken a large plow to it The carve extended down roughly 4 blocks of the street to where it came to a smoldering stop. In the end, embedded in the road was a blue dragon god, familiar to some...*

2: Latios' body was covered in wounds. Gashes, pierces, even the odd few bite marks where the teeth didn't quite puncture all the way through. Along the underbelly was a long, deep slash wound. An emerald scale would stick out of it.*

3: *The order grunt trusted his finger towards the wounded Latios and Latias.* "There! False gods! See how they bleed! If we capture them and bring them to our prophet, he'll shower us all with his love!" *The order member almost seemed to quiver and shake at the thought of it all...* "For the order!" *He'd cry, as he began to charge towards the trainers!*

4: *The Latios tried to lift its head up to look at the trainer talking to it, but it quickly dropped back to the pavement. It just didn't have the strength...*

5: *A shadow would be cast over the trainers surrounding Latios, followed by a quiet and worrying cry.* "Phii-iii..."
(Latias appears, and hovers above its wounded friend.)

6: *A furious, echoing roar would rip through the battlefield without warning, and a bright light would begin to shine far, far up in the sky. It'd slowly be getting brighter.*

7: *Soon, the bright light became known to all. It was a giant hyper beam, screaming towards the injured Latios! There would only be seconds before the powerful attack landed its mark.

8: *A gently, pink beam would stream from Latias' fingertips as heal pulse was administered. Despite the power backing it, the healing process would be slow. Fixing this was going to take time...*

9: *As the ultra ball was hurled towards Latias, Latios quickly set its sights on it. Its worried expression was now replaced with sheer rage. It reeled its head back, and fired a powerful dragon pulse from its mouth! The Ultra ball would be reduced to atoms, as was the order member, Christie, who threw it in the first place...*

10: "Christie! No!" *Order Member Hubert cried out as he witnessed his fellow member get absolutely destroyed. He fell to his knees as several of her ashes fluttered into his hand, before being permanently taken away by the wind.* "It's happening again... Not again, not again.... Nononononon- RETREAT! RUN! RUNNNN!" *In a state of pure panic, Hubert rose to his feet and quickly turn and began to flee.*

Anything else we need to know: Hey, Stow? You rock.
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