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Real world equivalent
Schieferwald is a large country, but not as populated as you might think. Vast stretches of land are filled with Farmland or protected forests and nature preserves. Due to the old nature of all the towns and cities, the population is very densely packed into those areas, with no one really living in the space between towns.

Schieferwaldian, an old offshoot of Holovan. The two languages are similar enough to where native speakers can understand fragments of the other. However due to the high standard of living in Schieferwald, almost every citizen learns Unovan and a third chosen language in school.

Modern Schieferwald is built on the Ideals of the Avalonian Religion worshipping the Swords of Justice. While other religions do thrive and have sizable followers in the country, they usually take on forms that incorporate ideals from the Swords of Justice Religion into their own, due to how ingrained it is into Schieferwaldian Culture.

Schieferwald is a very mild region in climate, surrounded by mountains on one side, and ocean on the other. Rivers flowing through allow vast forests and plains to spread, and outside of cold winters near the mountains, the people of Schieferwald rarely have to suffer extreme changes.
The region is also surprisingly lush with oil shales and coal veins, the shift of past continents having preserved many swamps and plants to be turned into natural resources, as well as offering a large amount of Lagerstätten where fossils of impressive quality have been found.
Towns and villages are spread largely around the rivers, almost all of which are surrounded by the remains of walls, even if those have been incorporated into the old town districts and more new building has been done outside of them. Many of them are well preserved and kept up, since the Schieferwaldians are quite proud of their old buildings.
Additionally, Schieferwald is also often called "The region of castles". Many of them were built before the Great War when royals and knights hoarded wealth and built castles and fortresses, only some of which were actually meant for defense, many just meant to look nice.

The region of Schieferwald was settled by people wandering in from Orre and Holova, which took a long time due to the mountains encircling the region. However those same mountains also gave the region a calm and steady climate (together with being partially coastal) and bred a peaceful quiet people, under the leadership of one emperor.
As the region slowly developed, villages became towns, and the people in power grew richer. Knights kept the peace, and eventually some turned to tyranny. Still, life was generally peaceful, safe for high taxes in some regions.

The Great War changed this. Initially a bonus for Schieferwald due to them gaining new land in small skirmishes and helping the forces of other countries, it quickly turned sour as the other countries managed to overcome the natural barrier of the mountains and stopped the opportunistic advances of the current Schieferwaldian Emperor Willhelm III.
During this time, the refugees from decades ago of the Ilorian Region, who had already been looked at with some contempt due to their militaristic culture often clashing with the more peaceful lifestyle of the Schieferwaldian citizens, became a thorn in Emperor Willhelm III's eye. Their imported technology threatened to outclass the war-hungry Emperors advances, and as such they were given an opportunity to leave the country peacefully, since the Emperor knew a full on war inside his own country would completely halt his plans.

The harsh divide between the peoples lifestyle and goals, compared to Emperor Willhelm III's lead to a great revolt amongst the people, who got help from a group of goodhearted knights, unhappy with the stagnation of their country. These same knights, who had seen the virtue of the Avalonian culture during the war, and the years prior, adapted the religions of the swords of justice, and tied leadership to qualities chosen by the people.
After the war, the country quickly recovered and was able to increase exports of food and other products, due to the mainland of Schieferwald being largely untouched by the Great War. This helped quickly establish the country as an economic export powerhouse, as well as forming strong bonds with neighboring countries, as they helped rebuild many after the war. The many warcrimes and similar acts conducted under Emperor Willhelm III still weigh heavily on the conscience of the country, and many times a year there will be festivities and memorial days to remember and learn from those atrocities.
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