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Steins Stones

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Steins Stones

(art done by Misha#6666)
The new off-shoot of Stein&Stein, finally, and for the first time, in Toro! Come over to buy jewelry, get information on the local geography/Geology, or ask about our special services! Located in Carmine, at 7 Marshal Street.

Custom Jewelry
If you're looking for custom jewelry, this is your place! We have plenty of experience in making slots for your Unovan Type-Gems and can help with your mega stones as well. We can also pretty up your Z-crystal slots.
Prices will be highly dependent on materials used, complexity, etc., so simply consult as at our location!


OOC information

You can buy very simple jewelry at this store (necklaces, bracelets, etc) for pix here. However for any custom jewelry itll require irl money, since those kinds of commissions take me a while to complete and i can go in a LOT more detail with them. (if you want examples, you can either dm me, or look in the Chisel Museum thread in community art)
Necklace (different gem colors): 5k-15k
Bracelet (different gem colors): 3k-10k
Tiara (different gem colors): 3k-10k
rings: 2k-5k

Medals/charmed with a pokemon-type-symbol embedded into them. These can be made from gems, simple metals, or whatever else your character wishes. Due to being harder to build these will be around 20k (plus/minus 5k depending on the material)
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