Stow - The "Why Did I Sign Up For This" Staff

Get to know the people who help keep the server going!
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Stow - The "Why Did I Sign Up For This" Staff

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Hello! My name is Stow, and I've been a member of this lovely community since 2015! I'm part of our server's Event Team, Lore Team, and Application Team primarily - but I also try to do a lot more to help the server and its staff than just those three. Outside of Toro I'm a college student, but I always do my best to make time for everyone and everything!

ICly, I'm the mayor of Aurelia, former champion of Toro, and current Dragon Gym Leader. If you ever want to get in contact with me, contact one of my accounts (stowaway8888, Abomastow, BarackStowbama) or shoot me a PM in Discord (Stow#8888)!
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