Tournament Rotations - ANCIENT WORLD TOURNAMENT! [16th]

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Tournament Rotations - ANCIENT WORLD TOURNAMENT! [16th]

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    <<RULEs: lots!>>
    • 3v3 Battles
      but you may bring register a full team that you can switch between rounds!
    • Trainers are HIGHLY encouraged to use ANCIENT THEMED Pokemon
      (Examples are: Golurk / Claydol / Cubone / Fossils / Mandibuzz / Stonjourner / Relicanth (Regular) / Cofagrigus / Perrserker / Yanmega / Mamoswine / MONKE POKEMON)
    • No Pokemon from the following list: Porygon Line / Rotom / Duraludon / Klefki / Trubbish Line / Voltorb Line / Galarian Weezing / Conkeldurr Line / Klink / Magnemite Line / Metagross Line / Ditto)
      Subject to additions - DM Rosy if you're unsure of a Pokemon!
    • No Mega/Burst/Fabulous/Draconic/Etc-Evolving
    • No Z-MOVEs
    • No Mythical Pokemon or Paramon!
    • No Duplicate Pokemon on your team!
    • Held Items allowed, but CANNOT be repeated!
    • Has to match the tournament's ruling

      This tournament is to keep with the theme of the current events in Toro, and trainers are VERY HIGHLY recommended to have ancient themed Pokemon brought to battle to keep with the tournament theme! The examples above aren't the only ones that may fit the theme, and we encourage you to bring more that do as well! (DM Rosy with questions if it fits!)

      These tournaments are to have people try possibly new things, to think outside the box, and have fun - fair fights! This is why more personal advantages, such as Megas or Z-MOVEs are not allowed. We want to let everybody come in with equal footing, and show their creativity in their teams and fighting styles!

      Hosted by the Rancher/Owner of BUGGY Farms, Bug Trainer- Johnny Nikitas
      [16th of July ] at [6:30EST]
      <<PRIZES: 75k PIX, BP, & HONOR >
      <<Participation Prize: 25BP>>
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