The State of Toro League (April Fools)

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The State of Toro League (April Fools)

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Hi members of Toro! Today we’re finally revealing some big plans we have for the community. Hopefully you’ll like them- I’ll get right to it!

• In celebration of the Toroverse reaching the year 1100, we’re beginning our move to modern times. We’ll be slowly introducing new technology such as headphones, flat-screen tvs, and computers! And of course, cell phones so we’ll be able to text.

• Pokemon are going to be able to grow more powerful than ever, their level cap is being raised to lvl 200. Good luck training!

• We’ll be expanding the world with new maps introducing more parts of the world so you can finally travel to the beloved lands featured within the official Pokemon world. We’ll be starting with a classic, Kanto.

• In order to get to our blocky “roots” we’re going to be introducing a system in which you can mine and chop all you can! We’ll be adding in a world in which you can get all the resources you’d ever want. Be sure to get your hard hats ready and prime your pickaxes!

• To regain the original feeling of the community and server we’ll be returning the discord to a single server and removing the voice chats shortly when we figure out how to! We’ll be reinstating the use of the Teamspeak. Please re-read the rules for Teamspeak and we look forward to hearing your lovely voices!

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