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=START HERE= Whitelist Application + FAQ

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Sometimes there's issues with emails not being received-
If you do not get your activation / forgotten password emails then you can contact us in the Discord and we'll get it fixed!
Welcome to Toro!

We’re happy to have some new friends join us; to help you join we made this small guide on how to apply! If you scroll ahead you can also find a F.A.Q to answer some questions we get often.

Do not DM anybody on Discord about your application if there's delays!
You can ask for an update in #the-waiting-room if you want!

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What is Toro?

Running since 2013, Toro League is a serious Text Roleplay Pixelmon server in a retro-cool setting. We are a very close-knit community whose focus is fun and creativity, and the server is a canvas for you to paint your character's story on. Our goal is to give you the tools to jump into a shared world and make an amazing story. To help get immersed we have a beautiful hand-crafted map, various game-enhancing mods, a creative event team, and much more!

Whether you want an incredible Pixelmon adventure, a chill slice-of-life experience, or something completely different, we have tools for all sorts of different tastes. If you like the idea of making a story with others, join us- we will be happy to have more people to have fun with!

What do you mean by serious roleplay?
It means our focus is on creating to develop characters and stories with a group. This server is not a survival server or creative one. You may not build anywhere you'd like, you can’t mine wherever, and you can’t build homes as you like. If you’re seeking a RPG Pixelmon server where you can build a town, go through quests, craft your own rare candies, or catch legendary Pokemon- or just a place to mess with mods- this isn’t the place for that. If you like the idea of making a story or developing a character with a group that isn't going anywhere, we’ll be happy to have more people to have fun with!

If you're still a bit unsure, I recommend peeking through the F.A.Q in the second post or joining the Discord for more information!

Toro's Setting
Toro is a modded roleplay server based around an original region called Toro. It takes place in an alternate Pokemon universe before the games typically take place - infact, Canon characters do not exist here in our universe. In addition, we're set before modern times in what we describe as a ‘retro-cool’ setting; before Flatscreen TVs, Cellphones, Headphones, Music Players, DVDs, and Computers - outside of typical Pokemon use of course!

Toro is also a progressive server & country though, so wearing anything beyond a suit 24/7 is totally acceptable (just no hoodies and headphones please), and people are accepting of all, regardless of gender, race, sexuality and such!

In addition, we go for a more down to earth setting. Kids are expected to be RPed like kids - meaning that you will not find 11 year olds adventuring by themselves; or beating up bad guys. We don't have any fantasy elements outside of Pokemon, such as no MAGIC or fantasy races. You have to play as a human, though that doesn't mean you have to play a trainer! This is a rich world full of all sorts of opportunities, and you don't need to even pick up a Pokemon if you don't wish to.

Getting Started

1. Register on the Toro forums
You’ll need to do this to post the whitelist application! Notably, by joining our server you’re agreeing to Toro League’s Game Rules and Terms of Use.

Members must be at least 18+

1b. Join the Discord (Optional)
While you are not required to join, it’s something we recommend as the majority of the community, as well as various useful information, is on there!

2. Fill out the application!
NOTE: Currently none of the newest game's Pokemon from Generation 9 (Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet) do not exist. Additionally we have not yet worked out the lore for the new game's more specific things happening in the games, so please don't reference the new region/Pokemon or ones from Hisui in your applications at this time!

If you are confused about anything- including any terms- I recommend looking at the Application Breakdown in the third post![/b] Otherwise feel free to ask somewhere such as the Discord, peek at accepted applications, or mention it in your application.

• Please pay attention to the word requisite for the appearance (80+), biography (150+), and personality (150+) section. Biography also needs to include their hometown, the name of any other regions they have been to (ex: if they traveled/moved), and why they came to Toro. We recommend using regions featured in a core game; you can find a list of the core game regions and more information about them at Bulbapedia.
For a list of our other regions in canon, you can find a list here! If you're unsure if you meet the word count, you can search up 'online word counter' and use that.

• We like to avoid fashion that might feel too ‘modern’. Examples would include but not be limited to headphones- which do not exist- or hoodies, which just don't tend to fit what we're looking for! If you need help we have a channel on the discord called #the-skin-shop dedicated to helping new players with skins (they are free!)

• You're allowed any Pokemon for your starter within reason! It will start at level 5- which means it would be the first form if it evolves- and you can choose their nature, gender, size, and which non-hidden ability. Non-Galarian Fossils or Shinies may be considered if it's entwined with your character's story or if you have an additional paragraph's worth dedicated to detailing your character's relationship with their Pokemon. Other special Pokemon such as Legendaries / Mythicals / Ultrabeasts / Event Pokemon are not options.

• It can be good to mention how your character got their Pokemon! It's not always necessary unless if it makes no sense- such as someone being scared of Pokemon having a scary starter- but it can be a good thing to help hit the character limit! If you want your character to get their first Pokemon in Toro, such as through a Professor, that is also an option- just note that under 'Starter Pokemon'!

• Open Response only requires you to respond to two of the three scenarios, there is a 150+ word minimum each. We do not roleplay in script style here so you should write Open Responses with proper grammar, dialogue between quotes, and write in third person. Feel free to make responses for the NPC in order to meet the length requirement. Note: Responses on the server do NOT need to be this long, this is just so we can make sure you can write in a way that meshes with the server!

• Any art used must have credits to the artist. This can be tacked on at the end or right after the piece, but it should be listed somewhere! If it is your art we ask that you include that drew it / credit yourself. If you use toyhou.se, and you've credited the artist on the toyhou.se itself, then that'll work as well as long as you have it linked on your profile! AI generated art should credited as AI Art.

• Everything must be written by yourself- AI Generated Writing is banned! We do not allow applications written by an AI, and we will be checking applications for this. We will allow AI as a tool to help people organize thoughts, or get help a little bit with wording and grammar, however it is not acceptable to have it replace yourself as the writer. If you do use it, make sure you rewrite it with your own words in your own writing style. As an RP server we will require a lot of on-the-spot writing where you will not have assistance, and we need to know you are literate enough to write coherently during roleplay.

Have a back-up of your draft or edits before clicking Submit!
We'd recommend writing it or pasting it somewhere else (wordpad, microsoft word, google docs, etc.)! This is because there's been cases of it breaking when posting, and changes not going through or your writing being lost. This can save you the trouble of having to rewrite it again if that happens!


Code: Select all

[b]-Player Questions-[/b]
Minecraft Username:
Discord Username: (If applicable! To help us contact you if we need to)
Pronouns (optional):
Where did you hear about us: (If it was from a friend it helps to say which one)
Tell us a little about yourself:

[b]-Roleplay Questions-[/b]
[ Please use your own words & You are free to delete anything of the things in ()s ]
What is meta-gaming?: (Please provide an example!)
What is power-gaming / god-modding?: (Please provide an example!)
What is retroactive continuity? (retcon): Please provide an example!)
What is Character Bleed, and how can you prevent it? : 
Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server?: (This won’t affect your acceptance)

[b]-General Character Questions-[/b]
[There is a 80+ word minimum for the appearance, 150+ word minimum for biography, and 150+ word minimum for personality. But feel free to do more! [i]Your first character must come from a region that isn't Toro, you must include your character's home town[/i].]
Full name:
Age: (min 18+)
Appearance: (80 word minimum)
Personality: (150 word minimum)
Biography: (150 word minimum)
Starter Pokemon: [ You can get any Pokemon at Level 5- so first evolutions if they evolve! No Legendaries/Mythicals ]
Skin: (Please include a screenshot of the front and back or the skin itself.)

[b]-Open Response Questions-[/b]
-Write in third person!-
[size=50][Choose two of the scenarios and write a 150+ word response for each. You only need to do 2 out of 3. Responses must be written in third person and formatted like RP instead of a description. Like: ' Steve focuses on the girl with a gasp and asks, " How can I help? " ' other than ' Steve would answer the call to help the cat!  Feel free to make responses for the NPC in order to meet this requirement.][/size]

You find yourself standing in a bustling town. Suddenly, a small girl runs up to you, her eyes seeming to glisten with fresh tears as her bottom lip quivers. “Please!” She cries out to you, “You must help me! My poor Meowth is stuck in a tree!” She points to a nearby tree as more tears spill out of her eyes and down her cheeks. How does your character respond?

After arriving in Toro a cheerful woman walks up to you, a clipboard in her hand. “Hello and welcome to Toro! I would like to ask where you came from and why you came, as well as where you plan to go. All for for statistical reasons of course.” she asked with a bright smile as she held a pen to her clipboard. How does your character respond?

You are walking along the road when your eyes lock onto a trainer's in the distance. At that moment, you both freeze in place. You see a glimmer in the trainer's eyes as he reaches for his Pokeball. "Go, Rattata! Show this chump what we've been training for!" the trainer shouts as he swiftly releases his chosen partner in the vacant space that separates the two of you. How does your character respond?
Note: Please put your character's defining moments in your backstory! Stuff like higher education, specialized skills, anything involving crime, stuff like that! You don't need to include everything, just stuff we should know. If your backstory doesn't mention anything and you start talking about how your character is a criminal or a college graduate- that's retcon and not allowed.

3. Post it to the Whitelist Applications forum and wait!

Please try to have patience with us. We generally respond within 48 hours if not sooner. We do not deny people, but we may ask for changes in order to accept you- or ask you to reapply if you are too young. Once you’ve been accepted we’ll whitelist you and make a post stating you’ve been accepted on the thread.

I got accepted. What do I do now?
You can get on the server and start your adventure! Some staff members can help replace your starter to the one you put on your application if needed; they are willing to change size, nature, and gender, as well pick a non-hidden ability. I also recommend taking a peek at the New Player Guide when you have the chance!

In case you aren't exactly sure what there is to do, here's a few things. Of course there's much more, but it's just some basic things in no particular order.

● Explore Towns
● Establish & work towards your character's dream job
● Get a home and decorate it.
● Meet with a Professor for a secondary starter & a Pokedex! [Players: Rosy]
● Capture & train Pokemon
● Find the fun easter eggs around the map
● Make friends!

You can also ask around if you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help!

Starter Upon Joining?
When you first join the server you'll get to choose from all sorts of starters due to how Pixelmon works. Feel free to choose any and do whatever you like with it!


Outside of roleplay, our community interacts with each other on Discord the most; a large number announcements and a lot of information is posted there! It’s incredibly active and a good place to speak with others- whether it be to find some rp, discuss your characters, or to talk about whatever! This also means any questions or problems will be brought to our attention faster there. We highly recommend joining to better enjoy our server!

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Re: New Player Guide

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If you have any questions not addressed, feel free to ask them! You can put them in the Community Discussion forum, Support and Feedback forum, or in the Toro Discord.

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Can I build in this server?
While you can't build wherever, you can rent and decorate a home in one of the towns by talking to their mayor(s) OOCly & ICly! You can view a little bit of information about towns and their homes here. Otherwise, if you're interested in building anywhere else, or want to build something from scratch, you can ask a GM about it! Though, unless it's something like a small camp or a tent, it likely will not be accepted without good RP reason and until time put into the server. Even then we're cautious about people wanting land for personal use rather than a public area.

The reason for that is that we want to make sure builds fit within the setting and actually contribute to roleplay rather than have random buildings that stick out all over the place, possibly ruining one of our carefully crafted environments. Due to the fact the region is contained to a continent (and surrounding islands) rather than constantly growing with exploration like most servers, we'd rather it be filled with more interesting things to find that is approved rather than abandoned homes from people who have come and gone. Another benefit is that having people stick within cities also leads to more roleplay and opportunities!

Despite that, the map isn't static! Since it was made the map has changed and grown so much- cities changed over time, fascinating caves have opened up, islands have appeared, and even entire biomes and environments have been changed! With the limits on random building, we can make it so when people and events leave it truly meaningful.

Note, you must follow the rules of the town or location you’re allowed to build in. Generally, you’re not allowed to change the exterior of your home too much, if at all, without asking permission. Gardens and yards are okay to decorate as you wish with small things, but building a structure- such as a shed or gazebo- would require approval.

What is the batting scene like in Toro?
While the main focus is RPing, we do have plenty of opportunities for people interested in training up and battling with their Pokemon! Including 8 player-run gyms, we also have the Elite Four, a Champion spot to compete for, a Battle Tower, plenty of tournaments, and more! In addition we allow you to increase your IVs to the max for free so you can focus more on roleplay than breeding.

Despite having all that for battling, it is meant as something to allow you to also enjoy the mechanical aspects of your Pokemon on top of roleplay. Only certain mythicals are catchable after lots of roleplay- and have likely been altered to better fit- and legendaries are out of the question.

What is the writing style like?
We do not expect paragraphs upon paragraphs- with it being Minecraft there are limits and we want to make sure players don’t hold each other up. However, this server focuses on serious roleplay so there's a substantial amount of reading and writing. Communication and working as a community is heavily stressed too. We don’t have an issue with mistakes in writing and don’t mind if something is less than perfect, as long as there’s an effort being made to write your best in a legible manner during both your application and roleplay.

What is the community like?
Toro is a close-knit community; we do not have hundreds of players, but we have a large number of active staff and players often ready to help out and make new friends. Everything is handled in a more personal way and we do our best to make sure staff aren’t above players.

Do I have to pay real money for anything?
NOPE! We won’t try to sell you stuff or make you pay for services or content as we believe they should be available to everyone- this isn’t an option either. The only thing you get through donations are things you could otherwise get through roleplay, participating in the community, and other things that provide no real benefit. This server is a labour of love and all we want is to have more people to create stories with.

Are the event / characters / groups from Pokemon games canon here?
This universe is set apart from official Pokemon lore so characters like Professor Oak, Ash Ketchum, and Giovanni, don’t exist here. Similarly, any groups like Team Rocket or Team Skull do not exist either! This takes place before any events that may happen in the game. For any other questions about differences in lore please check the Discord’s #lore-questions channel and / or ask the Lore Team.

Can you expand on the level of technology?
Technology in Toro is a rather tricky topic. Toro has PCs, but they're solely for Pokemon management rather than the PCs we have IRL, and we don't have the Cell Phones, just as an example. The technology is comparable to the 1950’s-1970’s eras of America/Canada in the real world. While we may have something that doesn’t QUITE fit that, such as the Pokemon technology, we are generally keeping this aesthetic for the server. The most important thing to remember is if you’re even a little unsure it never hurts to ask someone else like a Staff Member.

Where can I find (Pixelmon / Object)?
We encourage players to ICly ask other characters if they’re looking for a specific Pixelmon for object. There are many nesting areas for Pixelmon on specific areas of the map, but we encourage players to ICly ask other characters or to explore! If you're looking for an object be sure to check the Aurelia Department store before asking!

Does Toro have an evil team?
Toro does not have an "evil team" at the moment as the latest arc just ended! The crime rates have been going up in the region recently though as things start to brew. It'll be kicking off more after the holidays, so now is a great time to join so you're able to see the beginnings of our next arc!

Is it okay to reference real life (shows, music, history, etc.)?
While we might reference elements from more modern culture, such as having parodies of current shows, mangas, and bands, we ask that you do this sparingly and within reason. If there are any references, it’s to be assumed they’re different and what they do is possible and fits within the world.

Having a band called Primarina and the Diamonds who have music with similar lyrics to reference the real life Marina and the Diamond (but not as electronic) wouldn’t be an issue. However trying to meme with Doge or Undertale in character, as well as using more modern slang, will break immersion so it is not appreciated though; do not do that.

With history, geography, cultures, etc. we ask for additional caution to avoid it. If you think it’s something that may be relevant to roleplay in any way, we ask that you consult Lore Team

Can I play as a (Pokemon / Other Species)?
The only characters you are allowed to play are humans. You can act as your Pokemon during roleplay- such as having them interacting with your character or other people / Pokemon, however you must primarily be playing your own character. You are not allowed to play your Pokemon entirely on their own.
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Re: =START HERE= Whitelist Application + FAQ

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Application Breakdown

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Player Questions

Minecraft Username:
Self explanatory

You must be 18+ in order to apply.

Where did you hear about us:
Reddit, minecraftforum.net, pixelmonmod forum, minestatus.net, friend or etc. We're just asking out of curiosity but we appreciate you guys for indulging it. If a friend told you about the server, it would be helpful to specify which friend brought you!

Tell us a little about yourself:
Tell us a little bit about yourself. What kind of hobbies do you have? Why are you interested in our server? A sentence or two will do just fine.

Roleplay Questions

What is meta-gaming? Provide an example that's related to RP!
Do your best to describe what "meta-gaming" means to you. If you are unsure you can also look at approved applications for examples, just make sure to use your own words and make your own examples.
Meta-gaming is roleplaying with information your character wouldn't have normally. Example: if you just meet a guy who you haven't talked to yet, but he already knows everything about you (profile, whitelist), and uses that information, they would be meta-gaming.

What is power-gaming/godmodding? Provide an example that's related to RP!
Do your best to describe what "power-gaming" means in terms of roleplay in our server! It is also commonly known as 'godmodding' or 'auto-hitting' in the RP scene. If you are unsure you can look at approved applications for examples, just make sure to use your own words and make your own examples. We define it mainly as:
Powergaming is not giving others the chance to react, or time to roleplay. It's controlling the other person's characters to decide their reaction. So if your character is in a fight it would be powergaming to say “X punches X in the face and causes them to faint!” since it already decides the fate of the other character without their input. It's simply unfair.

What is retroactive continuity? Provide an example that's related to RP!
Do your best to describe what "retroactive continuity" or "retcon" means to you.
For us, we define it as changing major parts of your backstory after the fact - especially without getting it approved by staff first. We don't expect you to list every single thing in your backstory, and we think it's fine to let it breathe a bit! Notable life-changing or life-defining things should be stated though. Like graduating college, or learning carpentry, or going to jail.

An example of retcon would be:
After we've accepted your character, you then start to say in RP that they're the heir to the Kalosian throne - despite it being nowhere in your story.

So to prevent retcon, please try to list major life beats! If there is something you want to add afterwards, contact a staff member, we're happy to work with you ^^

What is Character Bleed, and how can you prevent it?
Do your best to describe it, or how you take steps into preventing it!
Character Bleed is a very serious issue in RP circles, and making people aware of it can help with a lot of bad further down the road. Character Bleed is when you feel your character's emotions so deeply, that it bleeds out into real life, where it could even damage both your mental and physical health. You are not your character, and you shouldn't their feelings obstruct your life. In addition, you should not let RP takeover your life, you shouldn't get to the point where you're depressed to not be RPing! Here is a good writeup on it.

An example of Character Bleed would be, and what you can do about it::
If your character suffers in some way, such as losing a battle, having a negative experience with someone, or etc and you, the player, start to feel terrible because of it. Some things you can do would be: Reminding yourself it's a game, taking some time away, annd talking to the other people involved in RP and being reassured it's all just Roleplay. Just in general some self-reflection, giving yourself time, and communication will help!

So please don't make us have to worry about you!
Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server?
Whether you're familiar with RPGs, Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft RP servers, MMO RPs, Discord RPs, or none at all, it won't affect your entry!

General Character Questions
(( Please write these in third person! ))

Full name:
Pick a name! Any name is fine, but if you pick a strange name expect to be questioned.

Put how old they are- the minimum is 18+

Appearance: - 80+ word minimum.
Describe your character's appearance. Things you could note is their hair / eye color, their preferred clothing style, their body type, or how tall they are. You should also note any other notable features such as scars, glasses, or even an accessory they always wear.

Personality: - 150+ word minimum.
Describe your character's personality. The question we're asking, really, is who is your character? What is he or she like around stranger? Are they different around friends? Are they competitive by nature or are they shy about battling? Perhaps they're not interested in battling at all! Are they motivated by money or by the thought of stardom? This is your chance to really flesh out your character.

Biography: - 150+ word minimum.
Talk about your character's history. Which region did they come from? What made them decide to move to the Toro Region and what kind of lifestyle did your character live prior to doing so? If they traveled around how was their social life and education? Is your character's family rich? Or poor? Did they come from a line of well known trainers or breeders? Everybody's got a history, after all! - Please no hidden backstories!

We will not allow you to create a character that has lived in Toro unless if you are familiar with it. There's a lot of things that new players would not know about that the people of Toro would (such as the mayors, towns, etc.); we wouldn't want there to be any confusion caused from you not knowing something your character should, or not having something your character should have. For example, you wouldn't be able start with a house in any of the towns, which might be weird since your character has been living there, or a job.

In one or two sentences, explain the flaws of your character. What are they bad at? Do they have something like a stutter? These flaws add to your character and prevent the creation of a Mary Sue.

In one to two sentences, describe what your character wishes to achieve in Toro. Do they seek fame? Fortune? Or do they simply want to catch 'em all?

Starter Pixelmon:
This will be the Pixelmon your character starts with! It must be the base evolution.

We need to see your skin to make sure your character both fits in our world and fits the description given. You can upload your skin, or screenshots of the front and back, that will provide a link that you can copy and paste for this answer. A common image host is imgur.com if you don't know one. Alternatively, if you have changed your skin, you can find it on minecraftskinstealer.com and link to that page.

If you need help we have some skins you can use as a base, and a thread dedicated to helping new players with skins, that can be found [HERE].

Open Response Questions - 150+ word minimum for the two scenarios you chose
You must respond to at least 2 of the 3 scenarios provided. The open responses are your chance to show how your character reacts during a roleplayed scene. It is an accumulation of your character's history and personality and will show us that you've put some serious thought into your character creation. If your character is not the type to get involved in a Pixelmon battle, how do they react? How will they feel about suddenly being approached? If they're shy and timid, what actions do they take to escape from this scenario? Must include dialogue and actions. For this application you are allowed to create dialogue for NPC(s).

Roleplay is done in third person so we ask that you write your open response in third person as well.

If you still didn't find what you need, feel free to ask them on our Discord!

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