Yolanda Hurt's Villain Application



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Yolanda Hurt's Villain Application

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Character Profile

General Questions
MC Name: WallySideB
Character Name: Yolanda “Yo” G. Hurt
Character's Age: 28
Character Alignment: Neutral Evil
Why do you believe you are such alignment? Yolanda’s actions are ultimately self-serving, usually going beyond general morality for the sake of her own will and desires.
Have you read and are familiar with all server rules, villain rules, and the roll guide? Yes, yes, and yes!
What sort of Villain are you looking to be? Yolanda is going to be a “villain for hire”, fulfilling deeds requested by nefarious (or less so) organizations or individuals to try and build a reputation for herself. She wants to forge a path as a criminal, and ultimately gain the respect of others.
Why do you as a player wish to play a villain? I want to play a villain because I’d like to try and gain a different perspective from roleplay. Primarily, I’ve roleplayed civilians with a few heroic moments, but I really want to try a character with a different view of things. Also, I think it allows me to tell a different type of story with this character than I’ve ever been able to tell before, and I’m excited to see where it ends up!

Biography: (Summarized from CP)
What moral boundaries does your character have, if any?
Yolanda doesn’t want to see anyone die, but especially people she’s close to and looks up to. She may even actively go out of her way to save people from death or serious injury, but that doesn’t mean she’ll do it selflessly. Generally, Yolanda also doesn’t “punch down”, and will try to refrain from any acts of crime against those who are disenfranchised or unfortunate.
What are some notable strengths of your character?
Yolanda is unapologetic in her effort to obtain the respect of those surrounding her. She is also very clever when it comes to problem solving, and is very good at various criminal activities, like pickpocketing and sneakery.
What are some notable weaknesses of your character?
She doubts herself frequently, and has a pretty low standard for her own actions. She’s dishonest, conniving, and loud; generally not a great person to have around. She’s a clumsy person who can make careless mistakes, and isn’t good at most things.
Is your character loyal or will they betray others? To what extent?
Yolanda is fairly loyal to anyone that shows her the respect she desires. However, if a person speaks to her with even a slightly sour note in their voice, she’ll think that person is rejecting her somehow, and will do what she can to keep herself in a stable position.
What specific acts will your villainy likely consist of?
Theft, Mischief, Vandalism, petty crimes primarily

Open Response
Answer these five questions IC as if you were accepted. We will be watching for power-gaming, meta-gaming or anything unrealistic.

You hear the doorbell ring outside your door and head to open it. An angry looking woman with a large machoke you can only assume to be a bodyguard, stands at the door way. She begins jabbing a finger at your chest and threatening you to pay your rent. What do you do next?
While staying at a nearby inn, you happen to overhear two men talking about a heist. You can't make out too many details but they seem to be struggling to find another member to help. What do you do next?

An old woman has fallen down on the route. She calls for you to help her. You noticed she has nothing but a purse on her but littered around her feet are fainted Pixelmon. What do you do next?
Team Noir strikes again! You were walking along the route when up ahead you notice a pit hole trap where voices are screaming for help. Two people dressed in black and red stand over the hole and laugh maniacally. What do you do next?
A while walking along the sidewalk in Aurelia, a boy in his early teens bumps into you. He has an air of arrogance and he scowls at you only for a moment before continuing to walk. When you pat down your jacket pockets, you've noticed your wallet missing. What do you do next?
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Re: Yolanda Hurt's Villain Application

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Thank you for your application! It is...


As an additional note, because your character is a criminal-for-hire, we wanted to mention how your VA intersects with that. Because a villain application is based upon the quality of your rp and the trust of the community, antagonism executed by your character but at the behest of someone else will still fall under your VA. In other words, other characters would not necessarily need a VA to hire yours. If they were to do so repeatedly as part of a long-term villainy campaign or they were going to be directly involved in most of the conflict RP they most likely would need one of their own as well. You can and should check in with the GM team about this if it comes up.

Looking forward to your villainous contributions to the server!

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