Halloween: Ghost Rules [Ends: Nov 10th]

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Halloween: Ghost Rules [Ends: Nov 10th]

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Many years ago, a cult cracked the Gate of Giratina under Aurelia, which serves as a gateway from our world to the realm of the Renegade Pokemon - the Distortion World. While this barrier is effective in keeping the ghostly residents of the Distortion World out of our world, it's not perfect. For every thirteen years, it cracks open just enough for the spirits and specters to escape out! For some more details, check out the post from 2014 or 2021!

What does this mean? It means that players can now play ghost characters for a limited time! These ghosts are basically a standalone character that you (or a friend/Volunteer Actor/ or ET) can play, though there are a few rules and regulations that come with it.
  • 1. After a month from this started- (aka:: November 10th), you WILL NOT be allowed to play the dead character until the next event that allows it.
  • 3. You may only play characters from your lore! This can include dead characters from your character's lore (for example, if your character's father died), or a dead character you used to play. You CANNOT make a new ghost character just to play for the event - if you are interested in running something funny, let us know in a ticket first so we can plan things out and give you the greenlight!
  • 4. If you want to RP with a dead character from your character's lore, you can write a short CP for that character, make a skin, and request an or a friend/Volunteer Actor/ or ET come RP as that character for you! I would suggest putting it in the #mini-requests Discord channel first before a ET Ticket though!~

    Ghost Properties:
  • 5. You cannot be touched or affected by living creatures.
  • 6. You can be weakened by metal. If you are attacked with Metal, you must disappear.
  • 7. You can float.
  • 8. You can phase through walls.
  • 9. You can move small objects, roughly about three pounds.
  • 10. You can speak and understand language. Basically, communication is allowed.
  • 11. You must maintain a normal form. By this I mean, your character must be human. Your ghost cannot illusion to appear to be anything else.
  • 12. Your ghost skin must be desaturated ((this means, it must look grayscale)).
  • 13. Your ghost must represent how it was killed. For example, if your character was decapitated, so his ghost would carry his head around, or something similiar!
  • 14. Your ghost is not a ghost Pokemon. It is the manifestation of your dead character, and it's only weakness is metal.
  • 15. You may not RP solely as a dead Pokemon, you still have to follow our basic rules. However, if your character had a Pokemon that died, you will be allowed to RP with that Pokemon. For example, if your character's Pokemon died, they you can RP them visiting their owner. But you cannot RP them going out on their own.
  • 16. Your ghost does not remember anything after their death and before their return as a spirit. At most, they might remember floating around in the Distortion World briefly right before being brought into the Pokemon World, but the would not be able to describe it.
For any questions, check to see if it was answered in the post linked above first, or ask in the Discord!
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