♥❤ Love Week - 2023 | 12-18th ❤♥

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♥❤ Love Week - 2023 | 12-18th ❤♥

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February 12th - February 18th
What's Love Week? wrote:Love is in the air! Not just for romantic partners, but love for ones family, and friends! Love Week is about celebrating those bonds, and making new ones! Ample opportunities to find new friends, some you may have not interacted with before. While also honoring the relationships you do have with people.
We'll be hosting a few themed mini-events to celebrate Valentines day!
In addition we have a few other things running all week, such as:

-♥- Love-Grams! | Send someone a gift!
Some choice items available only this week are:
- Lovely Carnation [5kP]- A token of appreciation for someone special ♥ Comes in all colors!

- Lovely Chocolate [25kP]- This special chocolate is 100% safe for Pokemon! <LIST>
- Pink Candy [25kP]- What's a better gift than PINK Pokemon!? Nothing! Get someone you like, a candy: <LIST>

+Lady Luvdisc Delivery [5kP] - Hire Lady Luvdisc to personally deliver your gift! Full of extra razzledazzle, glitter, and whatever else you request such as rhymes or singing! You don't need to buy this, only if you want that extra pizazz. Deliverers can also quietly leave it on their doorsteps!

- Custom Pokemon Accessory [250kP] - 2x Custom Skins
Want something special for your and yours Pokemon? Special Order custom matching Pokemon Accessories like matching pins / bows / ribbons / bracelets / necklace- something small! - This chance at a custom skin is for a limited time, and we cannot promise we'll do it. Contact Rosy with details & to see if it's possible! - These are NOT color changes for the most part, but cute accessories.
Comes at the baseline of 250kP but may require more if it's too complex, and additional costs for more skins.

Request before the 11th if you want it in the next texture pack! Otherwise it might take its time!

You can request them to hand-deliver something personal, or leave it on their doorstep as well!
Submit your requests [here] - If the person you're gifting it to is ET, and you want it secret, PM Rosy!
( but ONLY then, please keep it to the form otherwise! )

♥❤ Event Plans ❤♥
Times subject to change if requested, just let us know! Times listed in EST
  • Feb 12th [ #:30pm ] ||- Mixer! - Meet some new friends!
    Feb 13th [ #:00pm ]||- The Fated Wedding
    Feb 15th [ 4:00pm ]||- Hungry Heracross - Restaurant Opening!
    Feb 17th [ #:##pm ] |- [OPEN SLOT]
    Feb 18th [ 6:30pm ] | |- Partners Pokemon Contest- Show off your new, or stronger bonds in a show! You do not need to be in a relationship to participate
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