A Prehistoric Project

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A Prehistoric Project

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Tuning into Toro news yields an amazing discovery - after a burst of heat and a large earthquake at the dig site on the Golist Island, an unusual cave was discovered! What's even more unusual are the discovery of brand new fossils in this cave that reportedly cause several errors in reviving machines! With PixCo. stating that fossil machines should be able to identify and process new fossils as easily as the classic fossils, the company has gone to work to uncover this mystery and perhaps even uncover new Pokemon!

Notably, the company has put out several advertisements and requests for aid in this endeavor. They're requesting diggers, researchers, and fossil enthusiasts to come forward to help contribute to this project! More details followed through the news broadcast...
New fossils were discovered - but they're not being revived? Weird! PixCo. is working hard to discover what exactly the deal with these rocks are, but they need your help! Across the next few weeks, the company needs your help! The more help they get, the faster this mystery gets solved!
There are a few ways you can contribute:

>>> MINING! Through filing a Lore Team ticket, you can schedule an event to make your way into the cave and attempt to dig for more fossils to turn into PixCo.! Who knows - if you're lucky, you may even be able to keep one.

>>>RESEARCHING! PixCo. is recruiting fossil enthusiasts and experienced Pokemon researchers to give their own insights on the fossils. More details will be provided on inquiry (via Lore Team ticket).

PixCo. will also be accepting help suggestions! If you have an idea on how you can contribute to the project, feel free to get in contact with the company (via Lore Team ticket).

There's no set date for when the results will come out - that's going to be dependent on how many people help out with this project! Good luck, and happy digging!
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