Halloween - GHOST RULES

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Halloween - GHOST RULES

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Many years ago, a cult cracked the Gate of Giratina under Aurelia, which serves as a gateway from our world to the realm of the Renegade Pokemon - the Distortion World. While this barrier is effective in keeping the ghostly residents of the Distortion World out of our world, it's not perfect. For every thirteen years, it cracks open just enough for the spirits and specters to escape out! For some more details, check out the post from a bit ago!

What does this mean? It means that players can now play ghost characters for a limited time! These ghosts are basically a standalone character that you (or a friend/ET) can play, though there are a few rules and regulations that come with it.
For any questions, check to see if it was answered in the post linked above first, or ask in the Discord!
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