★ Festival of Lights - 2021 ★ July 18th - 31st

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★ Festival of Lights - 2021 ★ July 18th - 31st

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(credit to AZURE for the pretty poster!)
July 18th - July 31st
With the rise of the Order, and the fall of Hoopa. A uncovered Civilization brings relative peace as portals around the region have stopped. Just in time as Kiboist monks and priestess pray in thanks to the skies above, and continue with festival preparation!
All over Toro, there are advertisements for the upcoming Festival of Lights. Doubling the advertisement efforts from before, this Duodecennial festival event is being hyped up as bigger than before, with extra special prizes seen nowhere else in Toro! People are encouraged to visit the season long festival, bringing some pocket change, and some festive clothing! There is also chances to have your business represented there, or to have a stall of your own

Please contact me anytime in Discord, or In-Game, if you want to set up a stall, host an activity, or anything else you might want to do that pertains to this mini event-hub! If you had an idea that needs a little help, I'll be happy to help! Naturally you can do something spontaneously, in accordance to the Mini-Event guidelines, such as holding a little concert, or contest! Guidelines here: (HERE!)

★☆Event Plans ☆★ ( Event| - Time in EST)
★ 18th|Evening: OPENING EVENT
☆ 19th|Stargazing w/ Graham!|5:00pm
★ 20th|Wine Tasting w/ Wilbur |6:00pm
☆ 21st|Waffle Fireworks with Quint and Lotte|5:00pm
★ 22nd|Mochi Making w/ Lia| 6:00pm
☆ 23rd|Bento Box Contest w/ Lily| Lantern Releasing
★ 24th| WRESTLING!!!| 7:00pm
☆ 26th|Bar Night w/Nikko| 7:30pm
★ 27th| Toro Music Festival w/ Lia| 6:00pm
☆ 29th|Carmine Performing School Show| 7:30pm
★ 30th| Ice Skating| 7:00pm
☆ 31st|Lantern Making| 5:00pm
☆ 31st |FINALE

As a note, we may do other mini-events at times other than those listed, depending on how many people are on! So stay tuned!

Image Image Image Image
Here are some BASE kimono skins for both Masculine and Feminine designs if you're lost on what to skin.
Feel free to use whatever though, or even not show up in traditional dress! Do whatever your character would!
(( credit to the original skinners ))

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