Toro's Gyms

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Toro's Gyms

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Global Gym Rules
• One attempt per season •
• Healing / revival items are not allowed •
• Held items are allowed •

If your Pixelmon is over the lower team's level you will have to fight the level 100 team. However, some gym leaders might be willing to fight you if you accidentally went over by a level or two.
Aurelia's Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50]  [b]Type:[/b] Electric [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 25 (2v2) Level 100 (6v6 doubles) [b]Gym Leader:[/b] Tori Penn [b]MC Username:[/b] ChakAndAwe [b]Discord:[/b] Chakurano#2960 [b]Rules:[/b] • No Mega Evolution or Z-Moves.[/tdw]
Viridis' Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50]  [b]Type:[/b] Grass [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 35 (3v3) Level 100 (3v3) [b]Gym Leader:[/b] Netlia Ross [i]" The Petal Princess "[/i] [b]MC Username: [/b]PoryThePorygon [b]Discord:[/b] MirroredPanda#6969 [b]Rules:[/b] • No Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, or Mythicals.[/tdw]
Cobalt's Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50][b]Type: [/b]Water [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 45 (3v3) Level 100 (3v3) OR (6v6) [b]Gym Leader:[/b] Ikiki [i]" The Surf King "[/i] [b]MC Username: [/b] Frita [b]Discord:[/b] Rosy#3431 [b]Rules:[/b] • Ikiki is the back-up Gym Leader- if schedules absolutely [b]don't[/b] match up! • Mega Evolution allowed if Gym Leader is informed beforehand.[/tdw]
Ferrite's Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50]  [b]Type: [/b]Psychic [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 55 (3v3) Level 100 (3v3) [b]Gym Leader:[/b] Arik Penn [b]MC Username: [/b]MamaRia [b]Discord:[/b] -- [b]Rules:[/b] • No Mega Evolution.[/tdw]
Carmine's Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50]  [b]Type:[/b] Dark [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 65 (4v4) Level 100 (4v4) [b]Gym Leader:[/b] TBA [b]MC Username:[/b] TBA [b]Discord:[/b] TBA [b]Rules:[/b] • No Mega Evoluion • Z-Moves is only allowed for Level 100.[/tdw]
Tyrian's Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50]  [b]Type:[/b] Ghost [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 75 (4v4) Level 100 (4v4) [b]Gym Leader:[/b]: Victoria Oshiro [i]" The Morgue Attendant " [/i] [b]MC Username:[/b] SkolSkol [b]Discord: [/b]Skol#0474 [b]Rules:[/b] • No Mega Evolution. • Gym Leader reserves the right to deny badge for unsportsman-like conduct/disrespecting graveyard[/tdw]
Galena's Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50]  [b]Type:[/b] Fairy [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 85 (6v6) Level 100 (6v6) [b]Gym Leader:[/b] Orchid LeGrand [b]MC Username:[/b] RetardedRainbows [b]Discord:[/b] Kcband#3636 [b]Rules:[/b] • Mega Evolutions & Z-Moves are allowed.[/tdw]
Adamas' Gym
[tdw=5px,50][imageright][/imageright][/tdw][tdw=5px,50]  [b]Type: [/b]Dragon [b]Level / Teams:[/b] Level 100 (6v6) [b]Gym Leader:[/b] Juliet Conway [i]" The Dragon Queen "[/i] [b]MC Username: [/b]Dayre_ [b]Discord:[/b] Stow#8888 [b]Rules:[/b] • All other badges required • Mega Evolutions & Z-Moves are allowed.[/tdw]

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