Little Pines Farm

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Little Pines Farm

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~Little Pines Farm~

Friendly Miltanks wandered the farm, and a couple less friendly Tauros are kept in line by the Pokemon around them. The entire area had homely feel to it, and a path led straight to a small wooden building with a sign saying 'Dairy Shop'. Market fridges inside held some goods, and the others were in in eco-friendly packages on counters.

A clerk greeted you with a bright smile, happy to give advice and help you with whatever you need!

For Sale

Fresh Milk - 30p
Soy Milk - 25p
Heavy Cream - 30p
Soybean - 9p
Silken Tofu - 25p
Firm Tofu - 25p
Butter - 30p
Ice Cream - 60p
Plain Yogurt - 30p

Sweet Treats

Cheaper than buying it from the store!

[ Buying Snowballs at 25 pix each! ]
[ More than the pawn shops buy them! ]
[ Can only buy a very limited amount as it's from my own bank. ]


The quickest way to get there by land:
A1. Go to Jigglypuff Park in Aurelia and take the tram up the mountain.
A2. After getting off, take the path going right- towards the forest and away from the campgrounds.
A3. When it splits go left. You should be able to see the farm in a moment!

We're Hiring!
Looking for people wanting to help with the shop and farm!
Contact Mimi Legrand [Rosy] or Jacob Wells [Misha] if you're interested!
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