Mini-Event DMing and Creation Guide

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Mini-Event DMing and Creation Guide

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What is a “Mini-Event”?

A mini-event, or Miniature Event, is a small-scale event. Often times, they’re run by Staff, specifically ETs, however, they are IN FACT, allowed to be ran by players. A mini-event is something that often gets numerous people to come RP, and generally breeds quite a bit of interaction among players.
Why have Mini-Events?
The reason we have mini-events is to do things when players are online, to have fun, without causing much destruction or any major defining moments of Toro. While these may be defining moments of your character’s life, they’re generally not defining moments of the server’s lore and history. They’re not on par with large scale events such as “Reaper’s Scythe” (The name for the event where Reaper met his defeat at the volcano.)

Basically, mini-events are not to be huge scale events that cause a huge chain of events in the future.

Can Players Run Mini-Events?
Yes! We absolutely would love player driven events! However, there is a lot of downsides to running an event that you need to be aware of. When making an event, heavily consider if you’re going to include your character, as it’s hard to DM an event for a group of people while also participating in the event yourself. It also looks bad if your character outshines others, because you’d be playing favoritism to yourself.
What is acceptable for a Mini-Event?
So. Let’s go over what ISN’T acceptable for a mini-event. There is loads you CAN do, but there is quite a bit we’d rather you don’t. So don’t. I’m just going to list them, rather than going over each one and why.
Don’ts of making a Mini-Event:
  • Do NOT make events that cause property damage or environmental damage on areas that you do not own.
  • Do NOT make events with the intention to give yourself shinies, or special items. At least, not without approval from staff.
  • Do NOT make a large scale event, (EX: anything with legendaries, non-player villains, lore defining.)
  • Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, use an event to be vindictive to a player. We will not tolerate using an event to harm a specific player’s character without consent from the player.
Good examples of event ideas:
  • Houndour who is lost, and needs to find it’s mother.
  • Party (EX: Beach, House, Bar, etc.)
  • A tournament hosted by your character!
Bad examples of event ideas:
  • Blowing up city hall.
  • A shiny pidgey getting injured and needs to be cared for.
  • Villains attacking your home/character.
  • Discovery of signs of ancient civilization.
If you have an idea for an event that you’d like to run, but needs a bit of planning, ask an ET for help. ETs will gladly DM an event, or help set one up.
When is it a good time to run a Mini-Event?
A good time to run mini-events is when a good number of players are online, or when people are asking for an event. Don’t just run one just to run it, run one to generate RP.
Players can run mini-events!
Don’t break the rules or cause harm.
Run events when a good number of players are online or to get them online!
Ask for help if you need/want it.
Have fun!

  • If you want to make your event to be something more significant, feel free to talk to an ET.
  • If you start an event, finish it, don’t cop-out half way through it.
  • Make sure to make a decent event.
  • Try to avoid inserting your character into the event if it will conflict with the act of DMing the event. It’s hard to DM an event involving yourself.
  • If you find yourself having difficulty DMing an Event, contact an ET to see if they’re willing to take over. (Or another player, I'd probably be up for it if need be.)
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