Gamer's CM Application

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Gamer's CM Application

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Preferred Name: Gamer
MC Username: ___Alrex
Age: 18
Time Zone: EST
Number of hours available: anytime that isn't 11pm-6am, but i can easily go past that if need be
How long you have been playing on Toro League: November 2020

Why do you want to become a Community Moderator?: Being a mod is a chill experience, given the correct community, and Toro is (in my opinion) the perfect community for it.
Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: Yes, I've been a mod for a few servers before, one of them being a pixelmon one
What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: the servers I was mod in weren't quite the biggest, I think the most popular server I moderated for had around 20ish active people in the community, with not a big stream of new people
Are you in any supervision positions within the server?: Yup, I'm currently in staff
How confident are you in your ability to defuse tense situations?: Very, I've handled tense situations all the time in high school for a few extracurriculars I was in. I also don't blow my lid in anger, and try to always think about things in a calm manner.
What are some traits you have that will make you a good Community Moderator?: I'm very good at going undercover :) . and I'm good at enforcing staff stuff without sounding like I'm above them, forcing them to do it
Anything else we need to know: nope
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Re: Gamer's CM Application

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Good job you did it, welcome to the team! Yay!
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