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Website Feedback

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If you have any feedback on how to improve the website or the forums- including on how to fix wording- feel free to fill out the following form or post in this thread! If you find any technical bugs or issues (broken image or links, messed up text, etc.) you can also use the #support channel in the Discord to let me know for a quicker response.

Note: Before submitting issues do a hard refresh! This is done by hitting CTRL+F5 or holding CTRL + Clicking the Reload button

Feedback Form ... g/viewform
(Or just post in the thread!)

Planned Improvements
  • Make it so you can manually go through the banner images.
  • Clean the mascot images to remove the white outline.
  • Make a list of mods on the forums so "Immersive Mods" can link to that instead of the Technic Pack.
  • Add a tiny pattern or something in the background so the sides feel less empty?
  • Work more on the wiki!
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