ICGM-M Updates

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Re: ICGM-M Updates

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Employee Username: Milkmeister
Employee Character: Sir Hugo Archibald Ironworth III
Place of Business / Employer: Puff to Tuff Gym
Job Description: Manager
Seasonal Paycheck: 6.5k

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Re: ICGM-M Updates

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Employee Username: Skolarr
Employee Character:Viki Oshiro
Place of Business / Employer: Cobalt Clinic/Aurelia Hostpial
Job Description: Doctor
Seasonal Paycheck: 17k pix
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Re: ICGM-M Updates

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Employee Username: stowaway8888
Employee Character: William Blair
Place of Business / Employer: Paraspace Research Institute
Job Description: Researcher/Scientist
Seasonal Paycheck: 8k
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Re: ICGM-M Updates

Post: # 15073Post ProfessorSakura »

Employee Username: Strawberry_snek
Employee Character: Lucifer Brimston
Place of Business / Employer: Tavolozza Daycare Centre
Job Description: Pokemon breeder
Seasonal Paycheck: 8k
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Re: ICGM-M Updates

Post: # 15074Post Skylar4284 »

Employee Username: GotYourBed
Employee Character: Lia Chandra
Place of Business / Employer: Tavolozza Daycare Centre
Job Description: Part-time general daycare worker
Seasonal Paycheck: 5.5k pix
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Re: ICGM-M Updates

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Employee Username: ___Alrex
Employee Character: Cygnus Apollo
Place of Business / Employer: Club Noctis / Shiv Warden
Job Description: Bouncer
Seasonal Paycheck: 6k per season

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