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New Character Skin Help

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Hi; if you're looking for a skin for a new character, or to get help fixing up one you have, you can get help here!
We have some existing skins you're free to alter, as well as have the option of custom skins if you already have something in mind for your character.

Default Skins
Here's a tiny collection of skins you can use as a start for a new character- whether it's directly as is, or as a base to edit. You also also always allowed to change it later on as your character grows- including changing the hairstyle or clothing! To use this, you can save it by right clicking and choosing 'Save image as'.

Image ImageImageImage


Image ImageImageImage

Custom Skin
To ask for help just copy the form below, fill it out, and post as a reply to this thread. Please try to be reasonable and remember these are Minecraft Skins, and thus have a limited amount of detail possible.

Code: Select all

Character Name: 
Character Age: 
Character Gender: 
Preferred Eye Style (2x2 or 2x1?): 
Mouth or no mouth: 
Physical Description (Text and/or Images): 
Existing Skin (if you want help fixing one): 

If you would like to help by taking on a request please message me on Discord at Misha#6666
This is just so there's no chances of people taking the same request by accident.

If you are going to take a request please keep in mind that I'd like to generally stick to SD skins if possible. For any HD skins, it should be the absolute lowest resolution you can make it, and there should be an SD alternative so the player may change their account's skin or alter it more easily if desired.

Please do not use this to ask for alternate outfits for existing characters that already have skins made. There are players with tailor characters you can go to, as well as people willing to help OOCly. This thread is reserved to just help get people started with their first skin!
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