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Kiori Willow Mielke ♀


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Minecraft Name: ItsRia

Age: 38

Birthday: Winter 13, 998

Status: Healthy

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The Basics

Full Name: Kiori Willow Mielke

Name Meaning: Altered version of Shiori, meaning poem or guide

Title: Pixelmon Professor, Mayor of Tyrian

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Age Appearance: ~30

Birthplace: Lavender Town, Kanto

Upbringing: Strict Devotion to the dead


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Roll Bonuses and Penalties

Strength: -2

Her strength is abysmal, due to her life of quiet study. Long as she can pick up a book, she's happy.

Agility: 0

While now free of her cane, she is back to having her natural ability: which is remarkably average. If she needs to haul, she uses her pixelmon.

Subtlety: +1

Despite having a cane, she has an ability to lurk behind people and startle them by speaking up. She is observant of the speech of others, picking out minute details that she can use against people if she feels the need to.

Intelligence: +4

A bookworm since she was small, she's constantly analyzing and researching, eager to discover something new. It's made her quick of wit, and sharp of tongue. She's earned her Master's Degree and is now the Pixelmon Professor of the region. Doesn't mean there's not more to discover, however.

Stamina: +1

Disease cured and cane gone, she has remarkable the idea that she can stay up ridiculous hours to get something done. She can get so absorbed in her work that she wouldn't notice time's passing.

More Information

Evolution: Kiori has become more open to conversing and dealing with people. Has gained better ability in showing emotion in her face as she talks. In an effort to better communicate with foreign trainers, she has been studying more and more languages.

Ethnicity: Asian/African

Preferred Hand: Right

Facial Type: Angled

Eye Color: Green, emerald

Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: Hair is naturally very curled to the point of out of control. While growing up, it was something she kept under strict control with hair products and binding, but now wears it mostly free, though the bangs are kept orderly around her face.

Body Type: Twig

Build: Tall and thin, legs somewhat longer than average

Height: 72 inches (6’ even)

Weight: 145

Birthmarks/scars: None, now.

Handicaps: None

Addictions: None anymore

Mental Disorders: Selective Mutism

Style: Tailored

Grooming: Obsessive

Posture: Rigid

Gait: Natural

Coordination: Excellent hand-eye

Habits and Mannerisms: Chewing on cheek, resting knuckle on lip.

Scent: Baked goods and books

Mood: Disinterested

Attitude: Analytical

Stability: Always in control

Expressiveness: Stone faced

When Happy: Smiles, tends to talk more

When Depressed: Meditates, goes mute

When Angry: Meditates, trains, goes mute. In rare cases, explosive and physical.

Current Residence: Canvas, Central Toro

Community: Inviting and casual, hard-working

Family: Hertz-Klaas Mielke: Husband, Doctor

Alicia Mielke: Daughter, Teenager

Arik Mielke: Son

Keld Ishiin: Twin brother, Dojo owner in Johto

Descae Ishiin: Mother, Fortune-Teller

Demos Ishiin: Father, Lavender Town priest - Deceased

Kagami Ishiin: Niece, Teenager

Vlad Tudor: "Son", Wandering Trainer

Alice Star: "Younger Sister", Wandering Trainer

Rose Lilium: Unofficial sister in law

Keiji Lilium-Ishiin: Nephew

Vox Lilium: Nephew

Friends: Kai, Sam, Theo, Eve, Rose, Vincent, Osmund

Enemies: None. Dislike for Professor Randal Cedar.

Bosses: None

Followers: Tyrian Residents, pixelmon studiers

Heroes: Her father

Pets/Familiars: Anubis is closest to her

Wardrobe: Wide variety of clothing. Most commonly seen in a corset-esque vest with white undershirt. A long white labcoat, black pants, and sturdy boots.

Equipment: Coat is constant with stones, potions, and various tools. The Professor’s Scalpel, her Pixelball cane, and Greatball necklace housing Anubis are very rarely away from her.

Funds: Estimated worth: 300kP

Home: Canvas Cliffside home, kept tidy and clean, despite multiple children.

Neighborhood: Somewhat apart from Canvas in the woods.

Transportation: Noxales for flight, Arcus for riding

Collections: Is secretly a hoarder of...most everything. The attic of the lab is overflowing.

Most valuable possession: Her cane, made from a nearly indestructible metal. She keeps it with her still, despite no longer needing it.

Prized Possession: Her Journals. Without them, she would be devastated

Marital Status: Married; Hertz-Klaas Mielke

Sex Life: active

Type: Professional and intelligent

Occupation: Pixelmon Professor, Mayor

Work Ethnic: Extremely high

Income: Highly variable.

Wealth Status: Upper Class

Experience: Mayor for a decade, Pixelmon Professor five years

Organizations/Affiliations: Toro Government, Owner of two charity bakeries, owner of Porygon Tech, Scientist.

Education: Homeschooled, Kanto University, Ferrite Polytechnic Institute

Degrees: Masters in Pixelmon Studies

Intelligence: High

Religion: Mewish

Morals: High to the point of oppressive

Crime Record: Clean. One attempted charge of assault, but was dismissed as self-defense.

Motivation: Hates being bored

Philosophy: Balance in All Forms.

Main Goal: Complete.

Minor Goals/Ambitions: See her children grow successful.

Career: Mayor

Desires: Family

Wishlist: Books regarding history

Accomplishments: Founding and Building Tyrian, becoming Pixelmon Professor of Toro.

Greatest Achievement: Achieving Pixelmon Professor

Biggest Failure: One psychotic break after first meeting with Q

Secrets: Had killed someone

Regrets: Last time she saw her father, they were arguing about Arik's future.

Worries: Tyrian, her family

Best Dream: Harmony between Pixelmon and People

Worst Nightmare: Losing her memories

Best Memories: Professing love to Hertz-Klaas

Worst Memories: Ordering her weaville to end a man’s life, being kidnapped with others, feeling helpless, losing her memory, falling from the sky to what she thought would be death.

Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, reading, sewing, baking

Skills/Talents: Nearly unbreakable focus, playing piano, tarot readings

Likes: Reading, quiet, apples

Dislikes: Criminals, chaos, emotional upheavals.

Sense of Humor: Awkward

Nightmares: Surprisingly, none

Quirks: Uses “Vei” in place of ‘yes’ or ‘what?’ in sentences, despite the word literally not meaning anything. Same with “Aye va”, used exasperatedly. Tends to switch words into other languages when talking. She does not use contractions, a habit she picked up from her father. Should she ever use them, it is a sign of emotional distress, and often a warning that she will soon become mute.

Closet Hobby: Voodoo

Guilty Pleasure: Sugary goods

Strengths: Disciplined, unrivaled willpower and focus

Flaws: Physically very weak, arrogant and dismissive of people. Very judgmental, despite her position in Toro.

Perception: Sees herself golden.

Instincts: Protect pixelmon

Lures: Helplessness. She feels driven to force people to excel.

Soft Spot: Children, her husband

Cruel Streak: Has no issues breaking the laws if she feels she has a worthy reason for it. Enjoys the idea of mentally breaking someone by putting them through her training without the safety restrictions.

Languages: Fluent: Kantonese, Latis, Unvoan. Excellent: Schieferwald. Conversational: Lyuskovian, Holovan, Unovan Sign Language. Learning: Kalosian

Accent: Slight Kantonese

Voice: Monotone

Speech Impediments: None

State of Mind: Focused, Logical

Laughter: Soft Chuckles

Tag Line: “Vei?”

Reputation: Respected, though stubborn

Self-Impression: Has very low image of herself, socially. Does not consider herself worthy of any praise and is uncomfortable by it. Prides herself in morals and her work ethic.

MBTI Personality Type: INTJ - The Scientist

Temperament: Calm

Enneagram: Achiever

Persona/Mask: Stone-faced, emotionless

Role: Leader

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Symbol: Pluto.png

Song: -To be decided later-

Vice: Pride

Virtue: Charity, Diligence

Defining Moment: Kiori standing before a giant wraith as they shattered her city’s shield before her. She released her pixelmon and was determined to defend her city and people until she was forced to stop.

Mindset: Sometimes to do some good, you’ve got to be the bad guy.

One Word: Control




Species: Zoroark

Age: 28

Size: Giant

Unique Markings: A normal-looking Zoroark.

History: Hatched from the egg by a 10-year old Kiori, Anubis has been her closest companion and partner. He was her voice for several years, and acts best as a translator for her and other pixelmon.

Personality: A typical Zoroark that enjoys tricks and playing with his illusion ability. He is very vocal in her mind and those he warms up to. He is fiercely loyal to his trainer above all else, and who Kiori considers to be the one that knows her best. He enjoys being in an illusionary form of a male version of Kiori because it annoys her.

Moves: Night Daze, Nasty Plot, Flame Thrower, Shadow Ball

Special Traits: His Illusion ability is powerful and not easily broken. He is able to maintain a humanoid illusion for a decent length of time, and often helps his trainer in this form. He is able to read and write, though he has a very poor understanding of numbers.

Fully Trained

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Shiny Pixelmon

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