Benji Charne

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Benji Charne ♂

BenjiCharne 1.jpeg

Drawn by Mishakiara

Minecraft Name: Chakurano

Age: 54

Birthday: Autumn 26th, 985

Status: Healthy

Toro League Forum Thread

Benjamin “Benji” Charne (born Autumn 26th, 985) is a mayor of Viridis from Isola di Uve Sangue. He is the 2nd and current Mayor of Viridis, in office since 1006.

Early life

Charne was born in Collina Orientale, Isola di Uve Sangue, to Giotto Charne and Velia Charne(née Acerbi). Charne was orphaned at a young age, and spent his childhood with his grandfather Enrico Charne. Not much is know about his childhood, past that Charne left the island entirely after Enrico passed away in 1003.


Council of Viridis

In 1004, Charne was offered a position on the Viridis Council by Aeiden Bishop, consisting of himself, Rolan Thunder, and Giselle Hendry. He served as Political Leader for two years, until the Council was dissolved.

Mayor of Viridis

In Summer 8th, 1006, Charne was left as the only member of the Council left. Dissolving the Council, he returned Viridis to a mayorship, taking up the title.

Personal life

Charne continues to reside in Viridis. He has one adopted daughter, and spends his days running his town as well as a few different businesses within.