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Do you think Dylan, As a Villain, will contribute positively to RP?

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    General Questions
MC Name: ScorchedDragon
Character Name: Dylan Gerei Darkthorn
Character's Age: 33
Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Why do you believe you are such alignment?

Dylan tends to act first before thinking, as seen in the past. This has gotten him into a share of trouble and
mischief of course. In Present Day, as things now, he simply sees no need in helping others when all they do is
bring up his past, despite things being resolved. This has led to some trust issues, sometimes even being hostile around
others. He simply sees no need in acting the part of Toro's local clown anymore.

Have you read and are familiar with all server rules, villain rules, and the roll guide?

Indeed, I am familiar with all the server rules, Villain rules, and roll guide.

What sort of Villain are you looking to be?
I am looking to be the kind of person who simply causes mischief now and then, or gets into trouble due to rashness and a

lack of thinking.

Why do you as a player wish to play a villain?:

I was told that at this point, I should probably have a VA by now, I myself choose to play a villain-like role because I

see no place for Dylan otherwise at this point. As his past seems unfixable.

Biography: (3-5 paragraphs)

Dylan Gerei Darkthorn hails from Blackthorn city in Johto, where his family runs a small Pixelmon Daycare from their house. Growing up visiting his dragon cultist-like grandfather, Dylan, as a child was often played tricks on, such as his grandfather shoving him into a berry bush, only to be then chased around by the old man's Noivern. Often a loner around the city/town, Dylan spent his free time either playing with the Pixelmon at the daycare, or spending time making masks with his grandfather.

Dylan arrived in Toro, getting a job at the Toro Times alongside Vlad Tudor, the two bought out the bar underneath to make a side profit. Getting into trouble, such as putting a cop to sleep in order to flee with Vlad, Dylan ended up in jail plenty of times, gaining a rep as a troublemaker, which haunts him to this day.
Dylan took an interest in science, starting with Fossil Pixelmon. He was given a Kabuto and Omanyte by Vincent LeGrand, and is currently trying to come up with a theory to scientifically explain the Pixelmon people refer to as 'gods'.

In more recent events, Dylan began running the Pixelmon Catching Contests, putting his experience with Pixelmon to use, as his dreams of running a reserve were crushed due to his rep. Using his experience with costume making from his childhood, he's appeared in many costumes, from Dunsparce to simply explorer wear. One of his prized possessions is a mask made from a Hydreigon's skull, made to distort his voice, hiding behind the mask makes him feel more confident lately. Dylan attempted to enter the fray after hearing Kaineth and Shiv were interested in Sakura, he admittedly held feelings for the zombie, but gave up after seeing how happy she was with Kaineth. During the rebirth of the swamp, Dylan, having been invited to help investigate the mines by Sakura, decided to go take a look early, only to find a Rhyhorn Rider detonating the entrance, He proceeded to swing his bone club against the man's head, only to watch as a massive Parasect dragged the Rider away. As people arrived and Paras attacked, he clubbed one to death, ending up paralyzed by spores.

Dylan soon fell into a sort of depression, as not only had he just gotten out of prison for poisoning children, but began to really feel the effects of his actions, feeling despised by most people after the mine incident, he's decided to simply stay quiet and to himself, only leaving home or his guild's basement to pay rent and do necessary things such as eating,drinking, etc.

What moral boundaries does your character have, if any?

Dylan tries his best to avoid doing serious harm to anyone during his mischief, most of the time harm such as poisoning and physical damage is not intended.

What are some notable strengths of your character?
Dylan tries his best to encourage those who put themselves down, as shown when he tries convincing Sakura that she needs to enjoy her life rather than living to fix her father's mistakes.
This is likely due to being unable to bear seeing someone hate themselves when there are others who are less fortunate, as he knows what true sorrow is, seeing himself as despised.

What are some notable weaknesses of your character?

Dylan tends to get caught up in the moment at time, thinking after acting. This often lands him in trouble.

Is your character loyal or will they betray others? To what extent?

Dylan is somewhat loyal, believing in karma, if the other person looks like they deserve it, it is a possibility. However, Dylan is not the kind of psychopath who plots revenge in their basement with a bunch of darts and knives sticking out of a portrait of some random dude.

What specific acts will your villainy likely consist of?

Mischief such as the occasional prank or trick, but if situations arise where he must defend himself, he will surely do so, unless advised not to.

    Open Response
Answer these five questions IC as if you were accepted. We will be watching for power-gaming, meta-gaming or anything


You hear the doorbell ring outside your door and head to open it. An angry looking woman with a large machoke you can

only assume to be a bodyguard, stands at the door way. She begins jabbing a finger at your chest and threatening you to pay

your rent. What do you do next?

Dylan opened the door, only to be greeted by a behemoth of a woman! Was this some hired thug sent by Lana to collect the rent? His train of thought was interrupted as he was rudely jabbed. Letting out a tired sigh he slipped his hands into his pockets. "How much do I owe...?" His words were spoken in a dull tone as he took out his wallet.

While staying at a nearby inn, you happen to overhear two men talking about a heist. You can't make out too many details but they seem to be struggling to find another member to help. What do you do next?

Dylan would feign ignorance for now, best to listen for more details after all. Once he'd heard enough of this nonesense he rose up from his seat. Reaching for the bone club on his back, he'd attempt to swing it at one of the conspirators.

(If Failure) Dylan's swing simply met with the air, missing it's target. Giving up, he'd take any blows that were thrown at him. Advice given to him by Kaineth.

(If Success) Dylan kept his annoyed expression, feeling the club meet the man's stomach. If anyone called the RTMP, he didn't care, at least then these crooks would have a cozy cell to continue their conversation in, even if it meant he'd once again be behind bars.

An old woman has fallen down on the route. She calls for you to help her. You noticed she has nothing but a purse on her

but littered around her feet are fainted Pixelmon. What do you do next?

Dylan would lend a hand to the fallen elder, he wasn't a monster after all! If allowed, he'd attempt to pick up the Pixelmon, looking around for a Pixelmon Center.

Team Noir strikes again! You were walking along the route when up ahead you notice a pit hole trap where voices are

screaming for help. Two people dressed in black and red stand over the hole and laugh maniacally. What do you do next?

His stroll having been oh so rudely interrupted by the oldest trick in the book Dylan rubbed his head, likely from the impact. He'd glance up. "Real original" He sighed, slipping his hands into his pocket. Best to take Kaineth's advice, take the hits Dylan, take the hits.

A while walking along the sidewalk in Aurelia, a boy in his early teens bumps into you. He has an air of arrogance and he scowls at you only for a moment before continuing to walk. When you pat down your jacket pockets, you've noticed your wallet missing. What do you do next?

Dylan shot an angry glare in the direction of the teenage boy. Tossing out his Mismagius, Merlin. "Hypnosis..." He said in a dull tone. If it were to hit, he'd simply go retrieve his wallet, planting a half full flask by the boy. "Honestly....Kids these days." He gave a tired sigh.
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