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"Be honest, be nice, be a flower not a weed."


Lilian Juniper Alson
Account Name: ShinyOpal

❧ Basics ☙

Gender: Female
Real Age: 19
Age Appearance: 23
Birthday: Spring 12th
Birthplace: Eterna City, Sinnoh
Martial Status: Single

❧ Physical Description & Etc. ☙

Preferred Hand: Right-handed
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color Brunette
Hairstyle: Ponytail
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Birthmarks/scars: A small cut along her right thumb.
Accessories: She carries a small bottle of water everywhere.
Collections: She hoards romance novels under her bed.
Prized Possession: Her trowel.

❧ Personality ☙

Lilian goes by Lily, and loves the outdoors. She spends hours hiking and exploring nature, and loves the trees and flowers that grow in so many wonderful places. She always tends to be happiest around a garden and her smile always blossoms around nature. She is a very big people person and can get along with most people, but is easily intimidated by those who seem scary or creepy. She's easily terrified and won't approach anyone who she finds scary.

❧ Life History ☙

Lily grew up surrounded by flowers in Eterna City, her mother swore she was born onto a bed of flowers with how often she was found playing with flowers in the garden as a toddler. Lily's mother Juliane Alson was a single mother who raised Lily from a young age, Juliane was Lily's adoptive mother, and despite being so, she never told Lily that she was adopted, as Lily was left on the doorstep of the Alson house. Juliane provided as much as she could for Lily, but once Lily was old enough to start college, Juliane was stricken with a deathly cancer, permanently leaving her bed-ridden. As Juliane's final wish, Lily was to make her own life with what was left of the (small) Alson fortune, and go to Toro, to study and become the greatest botanist the world would ever see! Lily was uncomfortable with the thought, and even on the cruise to Toro, she still had doubts, but she respected her mother's wish and would follow through.

❧ Goals & Etc. ☙

Main Goal: Fulfill Juliane's final wish.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Learn more about floral pixelmon
Career: Botany as a hobby.
Desires: To find true love.
Secrets: She has a love for sunflowers, but finds them too cliche to say.
Regrets: Not making more friends in Sinnoh.
Worries: She comes off too “weird” for most people.
Best Memory: When her mother gave her a seed packet for her birthday as a 13 year old. She was so happy she planted it immediately, they grew into sunflowers.
Worst Memory: When she was young, she fell into the basement and crushed a spider, it had babies and she was swarmed by them.

❧ Personal Information ☙

Hobbies/Interests: Botany, Gardening, and pixelmon battles.
Skills/Talents: She can take amazing pictures, ability to lie easily, and she can tie a cherry stem with her tongue.
Likes: Food, flowers, and people.
Dislikes: The word cusp.
Pet Peeves: When people crush flowers while walking.
Quirks: She can be overbearing when she begins speaking about things she loves.
Strengths: Her vast knowledge of flowers and different herbs.
Flaws: She doesn’t understand people well, and she is easily scared by scary things.
Can't understand: The obsession with sports.
Work Information
Occupation: Student
Work Ethic: Relaxed, but Dilligent
Wealth Status: Middle Class
Intellectual Information
Education: College
Grade: B+
Degrees: Diploma

❧ Roll Bonuses and Hinders ☙

Strength: -1
Lily isn’t strong by any means. For someone her age she’s pretty weak even when compared to adults.

Agility: 0
Lily works out on occasion, but she doesn't focus on going on marathons or anything so exhausting.

Subtlety: +1
Due to her time alone, she is good at disappearing from public eye and not being notice, it's easy to ignore her if she doesn't speak.

Intelligence: +1
Lily's mind is sound. She is able to keep control of herself, but may lose herself in intense situations.

Stamina: 0
She exercise regularly and stays in shape, no need to worry about running out of breathe.
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